Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Beyond Brats! Mac & Cheeze! Mug Cake! & More!

The Doghouzz — the hot dog bar across from Crosstown Concourse — has changed their vegan option to the Beyond Brat! Before, they were offering a braised carrot dog. It was really good, but a lot of vegans were requesting a plant meat dog, so they switched to Beyond over carrots. Owner Steve Murphy did tell me that they will continue to offer the carrot dog on special. I stopped in last week and grabbed a Chicago-style Beyond Brat to go with a side of their amazing Pinto Beans. PERFECTION!

I'll be wrapping up my summer daily meal themes in mid-October, so there are only a few Macaroni Mondays left! Last Macaroni Monday, I made the Mac & Cash from the Engine 2 Cookbook. This oil-free baked mac dish is made with cashew cheese, whole wheat pasta, LOTS of collards, and broccoli. Loved sneaking in all those green veggies in my mac & cheeze. I do think this recipe should have been named Mac & Greens though. 

I was craving chocolate one afternoon last week, and I had all the ingredients to make the Chocolate Lava Mug Cake from the No Meat Athlete Cookbook. This is made without oil and the flour is whole wheat, so it's kinda healthy, but it does have chocolate chips (I used Lilly's stevia sweetened ones) and sugar. I made some PB2 sauce to drizzle on top.

I've been doing some chakra work, so as I move through each one, I'm making the corresponding chakra soup from the Eat Feel Fresh cookbook. Last week, I made the Svadhisthana Bisque for the sacral chakra. This creamy orange soup is made with sweet potato, coconut milk, and turmeric. Topped with pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds. Very tasty!

And here's a quick Saturday night dinner! I threw some BBQ Tofu on the grill and served it atop steamed kale and quinoa. 


Hillary said...

That Chicago style sausage looks INCREDIBLE!!
I always love the color of sweet potato soup, it cheers me up!

Susan said...

Tofu, grains, and greens will never not be the perfect meal.

Cadry's Kitchen said...

The Beyond sausages don't seem to get the same buzz as the burgers, but they are SO MUCH BETTER. We always have some of the brats & hot sausages in the freezer. They are amazing. I would choose them over a carrot dog any day of the week; although, I'd be interested in trying a carrot dog at some point.