Thursday, September 3, 2020

Biscuits! French Toast! Brats! Salads!

I usually get a LuLu's brekky sandwich from their shop on Friday mornings, but last week, I decided to change things up with this Sausage Biscuit with Tomato Jam. My friend Stephanie makes their jams from scratch, and this one was soooo good. Sweet and savory at the same time!

It was a LuLu's kind of weekend! On Saturday, I went by their booth at the CY Farmers Market and picked up a loaf of whole wheat sourdough, which I used the next day for French Toast. I served some BE-Hive seitan and quinoa sausage on the side. To make the French toast, I mixed Vegg yolk powder with water, dipped in the bread, and pan-fried. Super-easy.

I used more of that bread as a side for a White Bean Salad with Spirulina Dressing from The Idiot's Guide to Ayurveda. I added a little Miyoko's garlic-herb cheese to my toasts.

Here's another salad! I'm trying to eat appropriate foods for pitta season (summer), so I'm working in a few salads (with fresh farmer's market veggies) each week. For this, I used Imagine Vegan Cafe's ranch and made some homemade sprouted grain croutons. Topped with some Seapoint Farms Lil' Lentils and nooch.

And finally, here's my meal from Sizzle Saturday (that's our name for our grill-out day). I grilled a Lightlife Brat and served with caramelized onions and kraut. We grilled some fresh farmers market Corn on the Cob on the side. I'll be so sad when grilling season ends.

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Hillary said...

That breakfast sandwich looks so good! And tomato jam sounds incredible!
The Miyoko's garlic herb cheese is one of my all time favorites!
I really love big salads with lots of things!