Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Vegan Chalking Night & Avocado Toast!

Last Friday was Worldwide Vegan Chalking Night, and some vegans in town organized a chalking event downtown on the Bluff Walk. I rode my bike down there and left a few vegan messages on the ground!

Unrelated, but I've been on an Avocado Toast kick lately. I picked up some whole wheat sourdough from LuLu's last weekend, and it made for some really great avo toast with hummus. I used the Sweet Potato Turmeric Hummus from Eat Feel Fresh. 

I also made some avo toast with pan-fried tofu and fresh tomato from my front yard garden!


Susan said...

I love the chalk drawings, they are very cute.

Hillary said...

I love the chalk drawings!!
Your avocado toast always looks so beautiful! I just kind of smush mine on, and it never looks that great!