Sunday, February 14, 2016

Taco Cleanse Wrap-Up!

For the past week, I've been eating as many tacos as possible (breakfast tacos, lunch tacos, and dinner tacos) using recipes from The Taco Cleanse, the satirical new vegan taco cookbook that pokes fun at the cleanse trend. I know taco cleansing doesn't actually detox the body or whatever, but I've gotta admit that I'm feeling pretty good after a week of tacos. I mean, how can you feel bad when you're eating tacos?

Amazingly, I'm not even tired of tacos. I could taco cleanse for life!! And that's a good thing because I have a lot of taco fillings leftover, so I'll be eating tacos well into next week. #tacocleanse4eva!! Here's a wrap-up of my last few tacos (and a cocktail!). I probably won't blog about my tacos next week since they'll be more of the same thing you're seeing here.

On Friday, I started the day with more tofu scramble & tempeh bacon tacos and I had leftover ion-charged refried bean, potato, and kale tacos for lunch. But dinner was a dessert taco! I'd planned to have this Inspiring Churro Waffle Taco for dessert at some point throughout the week. But it's a pretty hearty dessert, so I figured I could just make it for dinner on Friday. This was a cinnamon-spiked waffle dipped in cinnamon-sugar and stuffed with a banana and bee-free honee (the recipe called for agave, but I was out). I served it with a side of vegan sausage to make this a proper brinner.

Just amazing! Even though it's a dessert taco, I could see myself eating this for breakfast on the regular. I'll probably add this to the rotation. I mean, it does include a banana, so it's totally health food, right?

Later on Friday night, I whipped up another tequila cocktail from The Taco Cleanse. When taco cleansing, one must properly supplement with margaritas. Or in this case, a margarita-inspired martini. This Mexican Martini has tequila, triple sec, fresh lime and orange juice, Sprite, and a splash of olive brine. Seems like a weird combo, but actually, the olives just act like the salt in a margarita. They go perfectly together.

Oops! Looks like someone forgot to take the sticker off the base of her martini glass!

On Saturday, the last day of my taco cleanse, I came up with some fun new tacos using various filling recipes from The Taco Cleanse book. My co-worker Susan, who also did the Abundance Diet with me last month, went on a bit of a taco cleanse this week too! WE JUST CAN'T STOP CLEANSING! Ha! But unlike me, who could eat tacos for life, Susan was already growing weary of tacos by the end of last week. So she gave me some of her leftovers, and I combined those with my own leftovers to create some new taco combos.

My fave was this Blue Corn Chip-Crusted Tofu Taco. She'd made this tofu recipe from the book, which involves dredging firm tofu in crumbled corn chips, and she gave me a serving. I had it on a homemade flour tortilla with Ion-Charged Refried Beans (from the book), Parmela Creamery Chipotle Nut Cheese (ordered from Vegan Essentials, and it's omg amazing), tomatoes, bell peppers, and cilantro.

I had that for lunch on Saturday, along with another new taco. Susan also gave me the rest of her Deeply Roasted Chipotle Butternut Squash (b-nut squash, chickpeas, walnuts) from the book. I combined that with some leftover kidney beans and guacamole. Yum!

That was a hearty and filling lunch, and it powered me through grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon. Later on Saturday night, I created another taco. But I just had one taco because my friend Andy was hosting an Anti-Valentine's party, and I knew there'd be lots of vegan snacks there. I used my leftover Tolerant Bulgur Chorizo (that I'd made for my totcho tacos last Sunday) to make a more traditional taco with vegan cheddar, guac, salsa, tomato, lettuce, and hot sauce. Good stuff!

That's it for Taco Cleanse! And happy Valentine's Day! I'll be back tomorrow with a V-Day food recap (sadly, no tacos were had).


Holy Food said...

This looks absolutely delicious..Great way to start week.!!
Thanks for sharing!!

Babette said...

Congrats on your second cleanse of the year =)

I could totally see myself to that taco cleanse, especially if it involves waffles =)

Susan said...

How do you feel on a vibrational level after a week of taco cleansing? I can imagine that you must be full of an inner glow and your hair must be super shiny?

Loved reading about all the taco fillings I am yet to try. :)

Unknown said...

So many tacos so little time!! All of yours sound so good too... Breakfast waffle tacos should be a thing.