Thursday, January 16, 2014

Crazy Sexy, Day 11

Only 10 more days to go on my 21-day Crazy Sexy Diet!

This morning started with a Gardener Juice (orange, kale, red bell pepper, carrots, and radishes), the same juice I've had every morning this week. I'm sticking with a weekly juice theme to save money.

After the juice, I whipped up an Aztec Spirit smoothie (cacao powder, almond-coconut milk, agave, vanilla, and spinach). This time, I added some ice for a thicker smoothie. I stayed hungry all morning for some reason, so I snacked on fresh pineapple and Curried Cashews from Crazy Sexy Kitchen at my desk.

Lunch was a new dish — Hummus Pinwheels from Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

This is a Food for Life gluten-free brown rice wrap with garlic hummus, spinach, roasted red pepper (that I roasted myself to save $$$), kalamata olives, and cucumber. Such a great combo! Plus, I have a ton of hummus leftover from last night's full moon party.

I also had a salad topped with the leftover Get Fresh Memphis Edamame Salad that I picked up from my gym Tuesday night. It has sundried tomatoes and kalamata olives in it, and it's so damn good.

Dinner was another new meal, and it's definitely my favorite thing I've eaten on the cleanse so far — Chickpea with Root Veggie Tagine. It's also from Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

This was the first recipe I bookmarked in Crazy Sexy Kitchen. Something about chickpeas and green olives together just sounded awesome to me. And it was! It also has sweet and russet potatoes, carrots, currants, and marinated artichokes. And there are lots of spices — toasted cumin seed, coriander, red pepper flakes, turmeric, and cinnamon. I served it over a bed of quinoa.

I had to scarf down this lovely dinner though because I had to attend a 5:30 p.m. meeting for work. Shelby County Schools is considering closing 13 public schools, and as a reporter, I needed to be there to cover the concerns of parents and students. After the meeting let out, I was kind of hungry since I'd had an early supper. So I whipped up a small helpin' of Banana Soft Serve. That's just a frozen banana ice creamicized (yes, I can make up words) in the food processor.

Well, I've got a Crazy Sexy three-day weekend coming up since we're off for the MLK holiday on Monday. But I'll be back Sunday night with a regularly scheduled recap. Got another juice fast on Sunday, and I'm sure the weekend will be filled with temptations. Wish me luck.

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East Village Vegan said...

I'm always intrigued by your cleanses. This one sounds fun and it doesn't limit what you can have as other cleanses may. Keep it up Bianca! Excited to hear how you feel at the end of it.