Thursday, March 6, 2008

The (Skinny) Bitch Is Back

Tonight, I made another great recipe from Skinny Bitch in the Kitch. The Skinny Bitch Pad Thai is seriously the best pad thai I've ever eaten:

The sauce (a combination of agave, mirin, and some other stuff) really makes this dish pop. It's sweet, yet sour, with a hint of lime tanginess and just a touch of saltiness....heaven. Notice the cute little bean sprouts. I sprouted those myself. I started a cup of dry mung beans in a few Mason jars on Monday night. And by today, they were ready to eat. It made a ton, so I'm up to my ears in sprouts!

Of course, the best part about pad thai are the accoutrements, like chopped roasted peanuts, cilantro, and lime wedges.

I've heard some complaints that the Skinny Bitch cookbook is just easy recipes that rely too heavily on processed faux meats. And though the book does call for quite a bit of fake meat products, there's plenty of other dishes, like this one, that do not rely on processed foods.

On the other hand, I LOVE faux meats! There's one breakfast sandwich that calls for fried tofu, faux Canadian bacon, and fake cheese. And I can't wait to try it!


VeggieGirl said...

wow, that Pad Thai dish looks FANTASTIC!! that cookbook seems to have quite a few great recipes!

Anonymous said...

Hey! The meeting last night was really fun, thanks for inviting me. I can't wait to make scrambled tofu at home soon - yum...

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I don't think I've ever had Pad Thai-- can you believe it?! It looks really good, though.

Maybe someday I WILL be on the cover for real ;o)

Maybe someday you will too... I mean, you already made it INTO the magazine, and that's the first step!

Dianna said...

I used to make a croque-monsieur (poached egg, ham and cheese broiled with lots of butter) at home and it was my favorite breakfast. Now I just eat the vegan version of it, even though there's absolutely nothing in the world like a poached egg. (Whole eggs gross me out a bit now.) I put vegan margarine on one side of an English muffin and vegan cheddar (cheddar VeganRella is my favorite melty cheddar-y "cheese") on the other side and put it under the broiler until they're melted. Then I throw on some seasoned tofu on one side and mock ham on the other side to warm/broil a bit. Then, as soon as I take it out, I slather a dab of marg on top while it's still hot. And salt and black pepper. Yeah, it's kind of a fatty indulgence, but that's okay with me. It is one of my favorite things to eat in the whole world!

PamelaCooks said...

That pad Thai looks good. One of my fav dishes.