Thursday, February 2, 2023

Product Review: WunderEggs

Y'all, vegan hard-boiled eggs are here!!! When I went vegan in 2004, eggs were the hardest thing for me to give up; not cheese, like most people. I just really loved eggs, and there weren't any good vegan alternatives back then. We've had vegan scrambled eggs in the form of Just Egg and Follow Your Heart Eggs for a while, but we finally have a vegan hard-boiled egg with WunderEggs!

As soon as I heard Whole Foods stores carried these, I went out to my Whole Foods. And sure enough, there they were, right next to the chicken eggs. 

Inside the package are six hard-boiled WunderEgg halves, which is basically like three eggs. And they're not cheap at $8 a package. So this will definitely be a special treat. 

These are made from coconut milk, almonds, and cashews, but they legit taste and feel like eggs. It's wild! The white part is a little gelatinous, just like the white of an egg, and the yolk is a little pasty, just like hard-boiled egg yolk. Each package comes with a little pack of black salt, which of course provides the eggy flavor.

So far, my favorite way to eat these is just plain, on their own. Since they're pricy, I'm not sure I want the flavor to be lost in a larger dish. But I did have to try one on a bowl of Veggie and Tofu Ramen! I always see ramen served with an egg on top, and now I can do that too. By the way, this ramen is Pumpkin Curry by What If foods, and a full review of their products is coming soon. 

By the way, I recently went on the Plant-Based Morning Show podcast to review WunderEggs (and Philadelphia vegan cream cheese). You can listen here. 

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I was never much of an egg eater back in my vegetation days - but I am blown away by how far vegan foods have come! - Sri