Thursday, June 11, 2020

Imagine Vegan Cafe Salad Dressings! In Jars!

Imagine Vegan Cafe in Memphis is my home away from home. Even in the midst of this pandemic, I'm stopping in almost every week to pick up takeout and say hi to the Jeffrey family (when they're working!).

Imagine is literally mom-and-pop-owned. Adam and Kristie Jeffrey opened the restaurant in 2011 when they had one kid and another on the way. Now they have five kids! They've been meeting Memphis' vegan junk food needs for years with vegan mozz sticks, fried chick'n drummies, BBQ nachos, vegan phillys, and so much more. Years ago, when they first opened, Kristie started making vegan ranch and "honey" mustard to serve with their salads and dippable items. It was so good that customers (myself included) begged them to bottle and sell their dressings. So they did!

Imagine has sold their ranch and honey mustard for several years now, but until recently, it was sold in a traditional salad dressing bottle. This stuff is super-thick and creamy, and getting the dressing out of the bottle was a task that required some patience (and maybe a butter knife). But they've switched to a new widemouth jar design, and I couldn't be happier about it! By the way, if you're reading this and do not live in Memphis, you can still buy their dressings on Vegan Essentials or at a number of small, vegan-friendly grocery stores around the country.

Just look how wide that jar is! And how creamy that dressing is!

You can fit an big serving spoon inside! Or if you're classy like me, you can dip your baby carrots (or French fries) right into the jar. No shame!

This stuff is an awesome treat on salads, but it's so much more versatile. This week, I've been enjoying the ranch on my salad wraps for lunch. This wrap has sauteed tofu, lettuce, carrot, red cabbage, celery, scallions, cucumber, pickled onion, green olives, and a generous serving of ranch.

I love using the honey mustard for a dip! I got some Dr. Praegar's Chick'n Tenders as a fun treat on my last grocery trip, and they're perfect for dipping in Imagine's honey mustard. I try to buy one fun plant meat each time I'm at the grocery store to have as a reward when I've been eating whole foods consistently for awhile!


Susan said...

Hurrah for jars! That seems much more sensible than a regular dressing bottle, so you can get every last delicious drop out. Also they look like nice jars for keeping afterwards!

Barb said...

I think I saw this at Nooch here in Denver and wondered if it was the same restaurant you're always bragging on. I'm going to have to grab some!

Hillary said...

Wide mouth jars for life!
I recentl;y tried the Dr. Praeger's buffalo tenders, I bet they would be amazing with that ranch!!!