Thursday, December 20, 2018

Stuff I Ate

As we head into the holiday weekend (YAY!), I'm really trying to find balance between healthy foods and indulgent meals. There's no way I'm avoiding holiday sweets and vacation eats, but not every meal has to be indulgent. So I'm finding balance with big salads and bowls.

I've been eating a lot of Big Ass Salads lately, mostly with an easy tahini-acv dressing. Last week, I had this salad with a slice of Sprouted Grain Toast with Deviled Tofu Spread (leftover from my Vegan Corner guest segment on the Chris Vernon Show).

Here's a super-delicious bowl I made this week — Peanut Coconut Tofu Bowls! This has air-fried tofu, sauteed broccoli, bell pepper, mushrooms, and onions, quinoa, and a bottled peanut coconut sauce.

Okay, here are a few not-as-healthy meals! I took Monday morning off work since I'd been in Nashville all weekend. I really enjoy having a day to get my chores done and get myself prepped for the week. So I slept in and enjoyed a bowl of Koyo Baked Ramen with Tofu & Veggies.

And here's a sad one: As I've mentioned before, Fuel Cafe — where my friend Don bakes the best vegan pizza in town — is closing on Dec. 22. I'm so bummed about it! I met Susan and Pam there on Tuesday night for one last meal. I got the Brussels & Shiitake Pizza with cashew cream, brussels, smoked shiitakes (they taste like bacon), fresh dill, and fresh tarragon.

Tonight, we had a shower at work for a couple of co-workers who are having a baby. Our cafe at Crosstown Arts provided some snacks — Vegan Pimento Cheese and homemade Salt & Vinegar Chips. Plus, we had vegan cupcakes from Muddy's Bake Shop (not pictured - the vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting that I ate).

After all those snacks, I was craving something green! I met my friends Andy and Mike at our cafe after the shower to exchange holiday gifts. They ordered chicken fried tofu and an Impossible burger, but I opted for the daily special salad — Quinoa Tofu Crunch Salad. This had nut-crusted tofu, black beans, red onion, quinoa, and a vinaigrette. Here's the IG story pic I posted for the cafe's Instagram earlier in the day (hey, y'all should follow the cafe at Crosstown Arts on IG! I post pics and stories there!).

Happy Holidays, y'all!! I'll back in soon with holiday food pics.


Susan said...

RIP Fuel Pizza. I am sad on your behalf, and on my future behalf, that they will be closing. I hope they go on to even more exciting pizza dreams.

Hillary said...

I'm sad for you too about Fuel! That pizza sounds and looks amazing. What a sad day! But I agree with Susan, I hope they go on to bigger and better things!
Happy Holidays an I can't wait for your pictures!

Sarah said...

I agree with the above, I'm sad for you about Fuel!! THat pizza looks so good but at least you were able to enjoy it one more time and it looks like a great last one. I think you definitely maintained a good balance. That peanut tofu dish looks amazing and so does your ramen and that salad! Yum!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

janna said...

The local restaurant where I was recently working had to close rather suddenly, too, thanks to the influx of new restaurants and condos in the area driving the lease up. They weren’t a vegan restaurants but did put a huge focus on local ingredients, from produce to locally milled grains and local cheeses and fish and whatnot. And the were super accommodating to vegan diets, gluten free diets, food allergies, etc. it was so sad to see the family that owned the place watching their dreams die, but it was really incredible to see so many locals and regulars come in every day during the last weeks to show their support