Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Goddess Provisions Boxes!

I subscribe to the monthly Goddess Provisions box — a curated package of crystals, teas, chocolates, candles, vegan beauty products, and more. Each month, I do an "unpacking" post to talk about all the goodies in that month's box. But in December, I got not one, but THREE BOXES from Goddess Provisions! And all on the same day! What a treat!

One of those boxes was my regular December box — the same one everyone who subscribes got this month. And the other two were special edition Goddess Provisions boxes that I paid extra for. One was a curated crystal collection, and the other was a Winter Solstice box.

We'll start with the regular December offering — the "Sacred Celebration" box. 

It contained a box of Addictive Wellness raw Love chocolate, an all-natural vegan deodorant stick by Meow Meow Tweet, a nag champa oil roller by Lola's Handcrafted, Uplift 100% pure essential oil blend by Plantlife, a green aventurine pyramid, a Rawxies Cranberry Pecan bar, and a large cloth crystal grid by The7Directions.

My favorite item is always the crystal, and the green aventurine pyramid is beautiful. It's for supercharging the heart chakra to radiate compassion and kindness. Also, that nag champa roller is probably the best roll-on scent ever. It's so strong. I put some on this morning, and at the end of the day, I still smell like a stick of incense. I haven't needed to refresh once.

I've been burning the Uplift oil — a blend of bergamot, lemongrass, and citrus oils — every morning in my oil burner as I get ready for work. It's a happy blend that boosts the mood and wakes you up!

The deodorant actually works! Or at least I think it does. You see, I always use the Thai crystal stick (nothing works quite like it!), and I occasionally put a scented, natural product over it. That's what I've been doing with this. My pits still smell like heavenly lavender, but I honestly don't know how well it would work when not coupled with the crystal. I really don't trust anything like I trust the crystal.

I had that cranberry pecan bar this morning before my workout class at the gym. I've had these Rawxies before, and they're always fantastic. They're completely raw, but they taste like dessert. And the texture is just the right level of chewy and soft.

The raw chocolates by Addictive Wellness contain love-stimulating mushrooms, like mesquite, lucuma, maca, mucuna, he shou wu, and reishi. It's also said to help calm nerves and invigorate the senses. Plus, it's stevia-sweetened!

This is the second time Goddess Provisions has included a crystal grid, but this one is cloth and much larger than the last small wooden one. I'd like to think they'll both play an important role in my crystal work. I immediately set out some stones for love, compassion, and opening the heart chakra — something we can all use in this post-election/nearly Christmas time.

Okay — next box! Goddess Provisions is offering a special edition Winter Solstice box, and I just had to have it too!

It contains a House of Good Juju solstice candle, a Dark Exact cleansing kit, some Moon Souls Solar Soak, ZenBunni Moonjuice Chocolate, and a Frisky Fish Winter Solstice Kit with a frankincense oil blend and a stick of palo santo. That Frisky Fish kit was also supposed to contain a citrine charm, but mine was missing. I've messaged Goddess Provisions, and Frisky Fish sending me one! Excellent, quick customer service!

I plan to use most of this stuff on the actual solstice — December 21st. But I have been burning the House of Good Juju candle. It's so pretty with it's little cedar sprig, juniper berries, and jasper and quartz stones. I'm burning it for a little while daily to get me into the solstice spirit.

Here's a close-up of that Dark Exact cleansing kit. It's for clearing out negative energy and welcoming the positive stuff in. It's a tiny little matchbox-sized spell with a teensy candle, a little crystal charm, a match, and some salts. Super cute!

Finally, I also received my Curated Crystal Collection box from Goddess Provisions! This was another special edition box that I opted to pay extra for. It contains five gorgeous crystals!

On the far left is a Candle Quartz, which is for use on soothing and balancing the heart chakra. Then there's a shiny Pyrite Cluster for tapping into personal power and harnessing creative potential (I put that one on my desk at work). The Citrine Cluster (middle stone with orange on top) is a joyful crystal for a self-esteem boost and positive vibes. The Kyanite Blade helps eliminate self-destructive habits, helps you speak your truth, and enhances psychic abilities. And finally, that GORGEOUS Sprit Quartz calls in harmony and positivity for your sacred space. I put that next to the front door!

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Hillary said...

I love it all! Nag Champa is my favorite incense of all time!!