Thursday, January 23, 2014

Crazy Sexy, Day 18

I'm so close to being done with this 21-day Crazy Sexy Diet cleanse! In fact, when you hear from me again on Sunday, I'll be through! I'm ending my cleanse around 2 p.m. on Sunday because I have an event that involves beer in the afternoon and a birthday dinner for Stephanie (aka Poopie Bitch) at Mellow Mushroom. Can't wait!

Sadly, food today just didn't taste good. But it wasn't the food's fault. Something crazy happened to my taste buds! Since last night, I've noticed that everything I eat or drink (even water) has a bitter aftertaste. It tastes great initially, but as it goes down, it leaves a metallic, bitter funkiness. After a little googling, I figured out why. Apparently, bad pine nuts can alter your taste buds for up to a week! And I've been eating pine nuts in my Truffled Parmesan from Crazy Sexy Kitchen for the past couple days. In fact, the bitter taste problem started just after I finished my dinner with the pine nuts in it last night.

It makes me sad because food should taste good. And it also makes me sad that I have to throw out the rest of my truffled parm. It was so good! But I don't want altered taste buds forever. Anyway, despite my mouth problems, I still ate a full day's worth of food — Sicilian Juice in the morning, followed by sprouted grain cereal, and then a banana-strawberry-almond butter-date sandwich with baby carrots and hummus for lunch.

My afternoon snack was especially awesome, even if it was a little bitter going down. I mentioned yesterday that I took a hoopdance class at the new Co-Motion Studio down the block from my house. Well, I didn't mention that, besides offering hooping classes, Co-Motion also sells raw vegan desserts from the Raw Girls, a vegan duo who sells prepared raw foods in Memphis.

I picked up this Raw Chocolate Ganache with Pink Himalayan Salt and Pomegranate Seeds last night, but I waited until today to dig in. Holy crap! This is the best chocolate ever! It's soft and ganache-like, and there are crunchy nibs tucked inside. I was only able to eat a tiny bite though because it's very rich. This hunk will last me a few days.

Dinner was a bit of a challenge. My friend Greg's birthday was today, and although he hates birthdays, I insisted on organizing a dinner at his favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Binh. They're known for their AMAZING fried tofu dishes, but deep-fried stuff isn't really allowed on my cleanse. So while everyone else enjoyed mouth-watering tofu, I had to opt for something a little healthier.

Fortunately, this Vegetable Rice Noodle Soup was really tasty!

Now, white rice noodles aren't really cleanse-friendly, but they're certainly better than a plate of fried tofu. This clear broth soup was loaded with fresh veggies (broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, bok choy, green onions), and it felt like a light, guilt-free meal. I did sneak a couple bites of Greg's and Shara's tofu dishes but only a taste, I swear.

Well, see y'all Sunday. Hopefully, my taste buds will get back to normal before Sunday's pizza party!

9 comments: said...

That raw chocolate looks super delicious!

Dana said...

i feel like i have heard someone else have that pine nut problem in the past. crazy! good luck with your last few days! :)

foodfeud said...

man that chocolate looks fantastic. You have so much more control than I do. I might be able to stick within the limits of the cleanse, but I'd totally eat that entire chunk!

Sheridan and Drew said...

My GOODNESS, that chocolate chunk looks amazing! And that soup sounds awesome, as well!

zach said...

Hi Bianca!

Been following your days and it's pretty awesome! Had a question for you, would this cleanse be good for men? I know it sounds weird haha, but the crazy sexy vibe seems more feminine then masculine, but if it's good I'll do it!

Can't wait to hear back!


Susan said...

Oh no, Pine mouth!
I have never been afflicted, thankfully, but I know a few friends who have suffered it.
Hope it doesn't last too long and you can get back to tasty food!

Kathleen said...

Tried posting this on your facebook page and it looked like it posted and then disappeared! Weird.

Anyway, I just got your book Friday and can't wait to make every recipe. The recipes are much much lighter than I expected too. I made the whole wheat biscuits and my whole family loved them! My son who is one was eating them up but I was surprised this am when I saw him munching a piece. Turns out he had stored a piece in a brown paper bag on the floor. Guess he was preparing for a famine or something, lol. Too funny.

I look forward to making the most sinful of recipes once I finish the crazy sexy cleanse.

Bianca said...

Zach, you bet! My friend Sheridan's husband Drew just did the cleanse with her and they finished today. The book, Crazy Sexy Diet, is sorta female-slanted in the way it's written. But the cleanse itself would work well for anyone.

Kathleen, AWESOME! Thanks so much for buying the book. And I'm glad y'all like the biscuits. :-)

Vanessa said...

PINE MOUTH! It's the worst, honestly. I've had it before, and mine lasted about a week. Where did your pine nuts come from? Mine were from Costco...apparently they are a cheaper, low grade variety of pine nut from Asia. This is the kind that commonly causes pine mouth. I've never had problems with the super expensive ones before :( Isn't that how life works?