Thursday, January 2, 2014

Meatless Select Vegan Meats

Tomorrow, I embark on the 3-day Kaeng Raeng smoothie detox, followed by a 21-day Crazy Sexy Diet cleanse. So that means no processed food for awhile. As much as I love vegan meats, they simply don't fall into the rules of my mostly raw, alkaline, whole foods detox plan for January. But don't worry, I'll be adding my plant meats back in moderation after the cleanse.

Until then, I'll be dreaming of the day I can eat Meatless Select again. They sent me a few cans of their plant meats to review, and another can — of their chili — came in my December Vegan Cuts box. So here's a little rundown of what I've tried.

The Meatless Select Five Bean Vegetarian Chili (and these tasty Beanitos chips) were in the Vegan Cuts box.

I love homemade chili, but honestly, every chili recipe I've ever made has made WAY too much for little ole me. Leftovers for days! This canned chili solves that problem. There are one to two servings in a can, and it's perfectly seasoned. It reminded me of the canned chili I grew up eating on hot dogs. Yum!

Meatless Select mailed me their Fishless Tuna and Vegetarian Taco Filling (which is actually vegan).

I couldn't wait to crack open the taco filling. These are tiny cans with only two small servings per can, perfect for a single eater like me (yes, I have a partner, but we don't share meals very often). The only problem? I didn't want to buy a whole package of taco shells for two tacos. But luckily, I had tortilla chips in my pantry. Nachos!! The meat is seasoned well, almost like the hamburger meat my mom used to season with those handy taco seasoning packets back in the day.

Now, the tuna I wasn't sure about. I've never really liked tuna or any kind of fish for that matter. But for the sake of review, I had to try a Fishless Tuna Sandwich.

I mixed the canned "tuna" with Vegenaise, pickle relish, celery, and lemon juice. And then I piled it onto toasted sprouted grain bread.

The result? Pretty tasty for tuna. Since I'm not a tuna fan, I wouldn't run out and buy this stuff. But it wasn't overly fishy like I thought it'd be. There was a slight fishy flavor, one that I'm certain any tuna lover would be pleased with.

Well, wish me luck, y'all. I'll check in on Sunday with a review of Kaeng Raeng's new soy-free detox before I make the big leap into Crazy Sexy Diet land.


Shannon said...

As a former tuna salad junkie, I was pretty pleasantly surprised by the vegan tuna as well, though I don't think I would run out buying it either. Then again, I didn't make a delicious looking salad with it like you did - i just ate it plain on crackers.

Glad you liked the chili, I'm trying that from the box next!

Lesley Eats said...

I have a can of the fishless tuna, too and I haven't been able to figure out what to do with it since I was not much of a fan of tuna salad, either. I may try some croquettes in the style of canned salmon.

Adi. said...

I'm a BIG fan of chili! I even wrote a recipe on my blog where I used canned vegetarian chili and beans and added some soy chorizo & cheese. :9
Hope your plans go well and can't wait to read the next follow-up post!
P.S I've also never been a fan of eating fish.

Anonymous said...

Your nachos look INCREDIBLE. Nachos/tacos are probably my favorite foods and I think I'll be trying the filling for sure! Also very interested in their fake chik'n as fake chik'n is one of my favorite vegan foods. Thanks for a great review!

Barb@ThatWasVegan? said...

I've always been a tuna fan... I'm pretty sure that was the last thing I gave up before going vegan ;)