Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crazy Sexy Day 10

Double digits, y'all! And as of tonight, I'm basically halfway done with the 21-day Crazy Sexy Diet cleanse. I'm feeling great on this cleanse, and it seems much easier than in the past when I've tried it. But I'm not gonna lie — I'm counting down the days until I can have pizza and beer.

Today was a snacky day. I didn't eat many new dishes, so I've combined most of what I ate into picture collages for a quick post. For my meals, I had Gardener Juice (orange, carrot, kale, red pepper, and radish) for breakfast, a Nada Egg Curried Wrap (eggless tofu salad on a gluten-free wrap) and salad for lunch, and leftovers of the Southern Staple (black beans, brown rice, collards, and garlic sauce) from Imagine Vegan Cafe for dinner.

But I also had loads of snacks! At work, I snacked on Strawberries and Bananas with Green "Paint" Dip (raw almond butter with spirulina) and Organic Pineapple (our intern Alexandra brought in cupcakes for her birthday today, and since I can't have cupcakes right now, she brought me pineapple!).

Tonight, I went to a friend's house for a full moon party! I brought a Whole Foods Hummus Sampler and Carrot Sticks. And my friend Sonya made Baked Apples. Her recipe called for sugar, but she left it out and baked them sans sweetener because a couple of us are on cleanses right now. People have been so sweet and accommodating on this cleanse!

There was one new thing! I went to the gym yesterday, and the owner told me they'd started selling to-go vegan food from Get Fresh Memphis (a vegetarian/vegan meal service)! My gym — Envision Memphis —hasn't sold food previously, so I think it's pretty cool that the food they are selling now is all vegan! I picked up this amazing Edamame Salad (it was chock full of sundried tomatoes and kalamata olives).

For lunch today, I tossed some of the edamame salad over romaine lettuce and added a little raspberry balsamic vinegar to coat the greens.


Sheridan and Drew said...

Yum! Everything looks and sounds good! I've been enjoying the cleanse and eating more simply, but am also ready for some pizza and beer. haha! It's really nice that everyone has been so accommodating as well.

Unknown said...

I am super impressed by your gym!! How awesome is that?!? Not cleanse-compatible myself but that breakfast juice sounds like a great combo anytime.