Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Weird Tomato! Pasta Power! Root Chakra Soup!

Our very generous tomato plant is finally winding down production. One plant has given me a whole summer's worth of big juicy tomatoes! There are a few green ones left, but fall temps have come early in the South this year so I'm not sure how many will ripen. Guess fried green tomatoes are on the menu! Some that have ripened lately have come out a little weird, like this guy who think he's a red pepper.

We ended up with a couple of these late-season weirdos. I enjoyed it sliced on some Avocado Toast, and it was actually really good! It was nice to have a tomato without the seeds.

I found some old pics that I forgot to share, like this big bowl of Pasta Marinara with Mushrooms, Parma, and Challah Bread that I ate the night before my Fortitude 25K race a few weeks back. Carb loading is my fave.

And here's some Root Chakra Soup that I made from Eat Feel Fresh when I was working on my root chakra. I'm doing work on each chakra for a few weeks before moving on. Currently working on the solar plexus. But back when I was doing root chakra balancing, I had this tasty Thai chili soup with roasted red peppers and beets. Topped with coconut flakes and swirls of coconut milk.

Here's a Lemongrass Tofu & Broccoli dish from last week. I was working on developing a new recipe, but this one needs some work before I share it. I tried to coat the tofu in cornstarch before frying, but it got a little gummy. Still tasty though. I ate it all.


Blake Fraina said...

You should save that little bundle of green seeds in the middle of those tomatoes. Try to grow them next year and see if you get plants with seedless tomatoes. You might have your own hybrid. Do you know how much seedless tomatoes might be worth to growers? So many recipes require seeding them. Seriously, mutations with plants and animals often happen spontaneously, so you could really be onto something!

Susan said...

I really look forward to seeing the lemongrass tofu recipe when it is done. I am forever searching for all the ways to make tofu.

What a weird looking tomato indeed! If you tried to serve me that, I would probably have scoffed that you were trying to trick me into eating that devil vegetable capsicum.