Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Tacos! Burgers! Chess Bars!

Happy Taco Tuesday! If it weren't for tacos, Tuesdays would be kind of lame. It's nowhere near the weekend, and it lacks the "fresh start" excitement of Monday. Tuesday is like the January 2 of week days. But thankfully, we have tacos to make everything better. Last Tuesday, I made some easy Black Bean Tacos with buffalo cashew queso (more on that in an upcoming post!), Violife cheddar, slaw, tomato, and avocado. Simple and delicious!

I had some leftover Sweet Potato Burgers from Eat Feel Fresh in the freezer, so I thawed and enjoyed with fresh slow and Simple Truth Hot Pepper Jack (have y'all had this yet? It's so good!). On the side, I had some Kettle ACV flavored chips with Kite Hill French Onion Dip (another new-to-me find that I cannot stop eating).

Curb Market in Crosstown Concourse has recently started carrying Imagine Vegan Cafe's spinach dip and Vegan Chess Bars. Imagine has placed their products in stores across the city (and even in a few stores outside of Memphis!), and I'm so excited for them. They've been thriving, even in the pandemic! Even though Imagine is a short 10-minute drive from my house, Curb is more like a 3-minute walk. So it's super-great to have Imagine's products so close to me. I picked up a Chess Bar on my last visit to Curb. SOOOO GOOD and buttery as heck. I love the corner pieces the best.

And finally, I was sooooo excited to find a new flavor of Larabar!! They don't release new flavors very often, so when they do, I get REAL STOKED. This has bits of dried strawberry and chocolate chips, and it's very good. You can see in the pic that my cart was full of Larabars! I go through so many of these.


Susan said...

Oh, that Larabar flavour sounds great!
And how cool that Imagine is now available in other places.
I had to Google what a chess pie was, and then Google why is it called chess pie. I assumed it would be somehow black and white in its components, but turns out it has nothing to do with the game of chess! The things I learn.

Hillary said...

I had to Google chess pie too!!!
I love the Kite Hill dips too, the ranch one is so thick and ranch-y!!!
I saw the Simple Truth cheese last week, they're really coming out with so many vegan items!

Cadry's Kitchen said...

The Kite Hill French onion dip is SO GOOD. There's only one place around us that sells it, and it's 30 minutes away. But sometimes we make a special trip anyway! Add me to the list of people googling chess pie. Like Susan, I assumed it was black & white, like the popular NYC cookie. I fell down a rabbit hole about the many disagreements around chess pie - is it misheard jes' pie (like just pie)? Is it misheard chest pie (because it can be stored in a chest as opposed to a refrigerator)? Or is it a shortening of chestnut pie, because it used to be made with chestnut flour?