Monday, October 5, 2020

Review: Laiki Rice Crackers

A few months ago, I was perusing the aisles at Sprouts, looking for a new cracker. Crackers with hummus is a standard, almost-daily snack for me, and I'm always on the lookout for the most whole food, plant-based crackers I can find. I usually look for whole wheat or rice crackers with minimal ingredients. I noticed a bright red bag that said Laiki Rice Crackers and pulled it from the shelf. The ingredient list had just three things: rice, oil, and salt. That's it.

I put the crackers in my cart and finished my shopping. Little did I know, I'd found my new favorite cracker. I've purchased them several times since, and recently, Laiki reached out to see if I'd review their products. That meant they'd ship me some free crackers, so how could I say no?

These come in red rice and black rice, but they both taste pretty much the same to me. What I love about these, besides the minimal ingredients, is their wafer-like crunch. They're light and airy and crispy with a neutral flavor that pairs well with any savory topping (or even sweetened nut butter!). The texture is a lot like a sugar wafer minus the sugar and processed stuff, of course!

While I typically enjoy mine with hummus, I've also recently enjoy them with corn salsa. And I made a little vegan cheese plate with Simple Truth Hot Pepper Jack and a Bloody Mary for happy hour at home last Monday. 

They recently added some new flavors in addition to the plain salted ones. There's Black Rice with Vegan Cheddar and Red Rice with Cracked Black Pepper. They didn't send any of these to sample, but when I see those vegan cheddar ones for sale around here, I'll absolutely be buying them. 

I love these little tiny 100-calorie packs for traveling. I keep one in my glovebox in the car at all times in case if I have snack attack. You never know when the hungries are gonna strike!

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