Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crazy Sexy Weekend

Days five, six, and seven of my Crazy Sexy Diet cleanse have gone much smoother than I expected. Last time I did the cleanse, I remembered the weekends being the most difficult. My usual weekends involve going to parties or clubs or neighborhood bars with friends. It's hard to avoid booze on the weekends, but booze isn't allowed on this cleanse.

Luckily, it was much easier this time. I went to a house party on Friday night and drank Synergy Kombucha with Chia Seeds instead of beer. On Saturday, my boyfriend and I went out briefly to a bar, but I sipped on water. And I was okay with that since we didn't stay long. As for food, I had leftovers from other dishes I've shown here so far — Teriyaki Tofu Over Millet, Cabbage Hemp Salad, I Am Loved Nori Rolls, and Ginger-Lemongrass Miso Soup.

The hardest day for me this weekend was actually Sunday. You see, Crazy Sexy Diet author Kris Carr recommends doing a juice fast every Sunday of the 21-day cleanse. Last time I did this cleanse, I said hell no. I like solid food way too much to give it up for even 24 hours. Plus, I tried a 3-day juice fast a few years back and didn't make it past 2 p.m. on day one. But I'm trying to take things to the next level of awesomeness. So I decided to give fasting try.

I started my fast by sleeping in until 10:30 a.m. I figured the least amount of time I was awake, the easier it would be to go without food. After downing a large glass of warm water with lemon and cayenne this morning, I filled my sink with what would be my sustenance for the majority of the day — five apples, one bunch of kale, one bunch of spinach, six carrots, four cucumbers, seven stalks of celery, one bunch of parsley, and some ginger root:

Every hour or two between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., I downed a 16-ounce glass of green juice made from various combinations of the above veggies. Altogether, I drank five 16-ounces juices:

I knew fasting for a whole 24 hours was too much for me though. So I followed Kris Carr's advice for newbie fasters and chose to come out of the fast at dinner time with a raw soup and some steammed veggies. I made the Raw Goddess Soup from Crazy Sexy Diet:

It looks like more green juice, but this was made in the blender using whole veggies so I got the fiber and juice. This soup contains red bell pepper, romaine lettuce, kale, flax oil, dulse flakes, garlic, cayenne, and fresh dill.

I also ate a TON of Steamed Broccoli with Nooch. There's three cups of broccoli on that plate!

After that hearty meal, I was finally satisfied. I stayed pretty hungry all day as I juiced, even though I drank lots of water and herbal teas. I tried to forget my hunger by reading The Neverending Story and watching old episodes of Seaquest DSV and Weeds, but it was hard to ignore the rumbling in my food-loving tummy. Even though my semi-solid dinner filled me up, I'm looking forward to Monday when I can eat solid foods all day.


Scissors and Spice said...

I have no power to not but the books you recommend! LOL! I have been looking for a cleanse and the CSD looks right up my alley!

Sasha Mitchell said...

Congrats on getting through the weekend, especially Sunday! Kudos to you!!

Sheridan said...

Wow! Congrats on getting through the weekend! A Sunday juice fast does sound like a good idea maybe to just do once or twice a month even when not doing the full-out cleanse?

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

Omg....I am totally with you on barely making a one day juice fast. :). I always want to cave on day one, only have done 2 days and the third night I eat. I still want to be able to do it, but all I think about then is food!!

Anonymous said...

I tried doing a juice fast 12 years ago, and maybe made it a day and a half, so I feel your pain!

Erin said...

Nice job on the partial juice fast!

tender b. said...

A day of no solid food? I couldn't last even as long as you did. I'm impressed.

bitt said...

My first juice fast I made it 24 hours but stayed up late to eat a banana. Then i survived the 3 day one, to later do a 5 day. That was enough. I like Kris's approach of once a week.

Some say the stomach pangs are just detox or other feelings, not true hunger. Not too sure. It seems like you drank plenty of juice, that is a usual mistake, not enough juice.

I had nutritional yeast and steamed broccoli tonight too. Hit the spot.