Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Lil Buck's Vegan Cheese at Imagine Vegan Cafe

Lil Buck, a Memphis-based jookin' dancer who has performed with Yo-Yo Ma and Madonna (he's kind of a big deal), also happens to be vegan. And he's a big fan of Memphis' Imagine Vegan Cafe. So the two of them collaborated on a new vegan cheese sauce called Buck Up Sauce. And it's purple!

Imagine held a Buck Up sauce release party with Lil Buck a couple weeks ago, and my friend Susan and I stopped by. At the event, you could get the purple cheese on any menu item. I was excited to meet Lil Buck. I've long been a fan, and I especially love that he's vegan (and that he credits his awesome skills to his veganism; check him out dancing at the Kennedy Center).

I ordered the BBQ Chicken Sandwich with Buck Up Sauce and a side of Onion Rings. In retrospect, I wished I'd asked for the sauce on my onion rings too! 

But check out that purple cheese mixed with the BBQ sauce. This sandwich had two fried vegan chicken patties topped with lots of both sauces. It was huge!

Imagine also had purple lemonade.

And purple cupcakes!

Now that the party is over, you can get Buck Up Sauce on any dish at Imagine any time. And Lil Buck has plans to distribute the sauce to other vegan restaurants around the country.

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