Monday, December 19, 2022

All the Vegan Chicken (and a Burger!)

Just before Thanksgiving (that's how behind I am!), three Memphis vegan pop-up businesses (The Vegan Goddess, Rich Health, and Chef Avery) got together and held a pop-up at Wiseacre Brewing Co. I stopped in to get some takeout, and WOW! The food was awesome. The Vegan Goddess made Jackfruit Fried Chicken, and there was Mac & Cheese and Cabbage & Greens

The Vegan Goddess makes all of her plant meats from jackfruit, and she has some special skills. I'm not usually a huge fan of jackfruit, because it's always kinda wet and briny. But she works some magic and dries it out a bit and then shapes it into all sorts of things. Look inside!

Speaking of vegan chicken, have y'all tried the new Morningstar Farms Incogmeato Vegan Chicken and Wafflewich? It's good, but they're a little smaller than I'd imagined they would be. There are two in a box, and I was hoping for a regular burger size. But they're more slider-sized. The waffle has maple syrup in it already, but I added more.

I also recently had the Gardein Ultimate BBQ Chicken Nuggets, and they were excellent. Gardein Ultimate wins every time. On the side, I had some Modern Table vegan mac and some slow-simmered greens with turnips. 

And this isn't chicken, but it was tasty. Huey's serves the Morningstar Farms Black Bean Chipotle patty as their black bean burger, and the company recently made the patties vegan! Morningstar made a promise a few years ago to veganize their products, and it looks like they're making good on it. So I can finally order the Black Bean Burger at Huey's! YAY! I still prefer their chargrilled veggie patty and their Beyond Burger, but it's nice to have three vegan burger options on Huey's menu. Also, they have vegan Gouda and vegan mayo, so score! Thanks, Huey's!


Veganer said...

Delicious burger, i have printed the recipe;)

Susan said...

The jackfruit chicken drumsticks look incredible. They obviously do know how to make magic out of jackfruit.

NN said...

The drumstick makes me uncomfortable just looking at it, it's that "real".