Wednesday, April 6, 2022

My Dad's 68th Birthday Weekend!

My dad turned 68 on Sunday! So I drove up to my parents' house in north Arkansas to celebrate on Friday. Here's Papa Crunk blowing out his candle. My mom didn't have a 6 or an 8, but she had a 0 leftover from my 40th, so we used that. Mama made the most delicious Vegan Chocolate Sheet Cake. I love a simple sheet cake.

She also made a yummy dinner of my dad's favorite Southern foods — Vegan Chicken Dressin (she did a meat version for them and vegan for me), Fried Potatoes with Chow Chow, Collard Greens, and Corn.

And she made a Crock Pot full of Beer Beans, which we ate with Vegan Cornbread.

After dinner, my dad opened his presents, which were basically all whiskey. He's easy to buy for!

Family photo time!

My parents recently moved into a new house, and they have a jacuzzi. My mom wanted me to try it out, so she ran me a bubble bath and poured me some champagne. She also added a vegan cherry chocolate bar to the bath tray! Such a luxurious bath!

I spent the night at their house on Friday and then got up early on Saturday to get a 10-miler in before breakfast. Their neighborhood has LOTS of hills and lots of lakes. 

After my run, my mom had breakfast ready. We had Vegan Beignets! I haven't had these since our New Orleans trip years ago when my mom packed homemade vegan beignets for me to enjoy at Cafe Du Monde so I wouldn't feel left out. She's really the best!

She also made Vegan Breakfast Casserole with Just Egg, Beyond Sausage, vegan cheddar, biscuits, and gravy, plus Hash Browns. Sometimes my mom will make a vegan thing for me and a non-vegan version for her and my dad. But this time, we all ate the vegan casserole, and my dad said he couldn't tell the difference. 

Happy birthday, daddy! I love hanging out with my parents!


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to Papa Crunk! Your parents are the best.
On the latest Rich Roll podcast he talks to Julie Piatt (his wife) about her vegan cheese company, Srimu. She said she's moving the entire company from LA to MEMPHIS and is probably going into Crosstown Concourse!!! I'm so, so, so excited for you (and envious.) We ordered some of her cheeses for Thanksgiving and they're incredible. On the podcast she also talks all about Memphis and how much she enjoyed her visit there. You should check it out!

Susan said...

Happy birthday to your dad!

Vegkat said...

Wonderful birthday! Your parents are so cool. Love all the nature they are surrounded by, it looks so beautiful!