Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Vegan Omelets, Corn Dogs, & Tacos!

I've been cooking a lot out of e-books lately, and my current obsession is the Hooked On Plants e-book by Olympian (and No Meat Athlete host) Julia Murray. Her recipes are so healthy but still seem decadent. This Vegan Omelet with Cashew Hollandaise is my fave! I've made the recipe before (from her website), but it's also in her e-book, which reminded me to make it. It's a tofu and chickpea flour-based omelet that's so big and fluffy!

I get two servings out of one recipe every time. This one was stuffed with some Daiya, frozen spinach, and chopped baby carrots. I was low on fresh veggies (this was made while I was still quarantining for Christmas), so I used what I had.

I just recently realized that Morningstar Farms Corn Dogs are vegan now! When did that happen? Anyway, I'm glad it did. Here's a well-balanced meal of corn dogs and salad.

Happy Taco Tuesday! This is actually the first Tuesday in ages that I'm planning a non-taco meal for dinner (having a big GGB bowl tonight), but here are some tacos from my recent past. One night during quarantine, I whipped up some Tofu & Roasted Potato Tacos with what I had on-hand. I had some frozen tofu that I air-fried, and I also air-fried the potatoes. Topped with cashew cheese and guacamole. I stocked up on pre-made guac for quarantine!

And finally, here's some from last Tuesday. These Chickpea Spinach Tacos were very tasty! I just sauteed chickpeas with frozen spinach and some taco seasoning and stuffed into tortillas with olives, shredded Miyoko cheddar, lettuce, and salsa. Yum!!

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Hillary said...

That chickpea omelette is so fluffy, mine are always flatter and denser! It sounds so nice with cashew Hollandaise looks so beautiful!
I think Morningstar farms are fazing out eggs and dairy on all of their products. I always loved their stuff so it's exciting!!