Thursday, January 21, 2021

Cauliflower Forever! And Some Other Meals!

Y'all, I really love cauliflower. It's so versatile. You can roast it, steam it, saute it, mash it, steak it, or even rice it. When I first saw Julia Murray of Hooked on Plants post this Roasted Cauliflower with Curry Tahini Sauce, I knew I had to make it. The recipe is in her e-book, which is my current obsession. You just roast a whole-ass cauliflower topped with the tastiest curry tahini sauce. 

I served mine with quinoa and some sauteed chard (another veg fave of the moment). Here's a shot fresh out of the oven. The sauce bakes into the cauliflower, and it's so freakin' good. Then, you drizzle even more sauce over it to serve. I could bathe in that sauce.

I had some leftover cauliflower, so I had that in a bowl with quinoa, chickpeas, and the rest of that sauce. Yum yum.

I've been eating protein oats after my runs all fall and winter because it's too cold out for smoothies. I used to enjoy smoothies all year, but now that I try to follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle, I'm trying to eat more seasonally for my dosha (vata-pitta). But oats get so boring sometimes, so one day last week when I couldn't stomach another bowl of oats, I made some easy Tofu Scramble with spinach and toast. No need to add post-run protein powder since tofu is already high-protein.

And here's a quick meal from Saturday night. I was so tired after my 25K trail race on Saturday, so we kept dinner simple with Boca Chicken Sandwiches and Air-fried Fries. Paul like his sandwiches plain (ketchup only), but I had vegan gouda, vegan mayo, lettuce, tomato, and pickles on mine!

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Susan said...

Cauliflower is so under rated, it is so versatile and so delicious!