Thursday, January 7, 2021

Some Stuff I Ate in Nashville

On the day after Christmas, I drove to Nashville to meet up with Paul and his family and exchange gifts. As you probably saw on the news, there was a suicide bombing in downtown Nashville on Christmas Day, which damaged the AT&T building and left much of the city without internet or phone service. Paul and I both have AT&T, as does his family and the hotel we stayed in. And so does almost every vegan restaurant in Nashville. On the drive there, I tried calling them all to place an order for pick-up and was only able to get through to The BE-Hive. They have Comcast! I love The BE-Hive, so I was happy about that!

I got the Hot Italian Sandwich, which has their house-made seitan bacon and deli slices, plus house-made coconut mozz, tomato, and greens. Super good!

I got some Broccoli Tahini Salad on the side. I figured I needed something green. I also got a package of the BE-Hive's seitan bacon to take home.

The next day, internet was still out for most of the day, so we assumed our usual brunch takeout from Graze was not an option. Instead, we stayed close to the hotel in Gallatin for lunch and dinner. There was a Burger King right next to the hotel, so I had an Impossible Burger for lunch, after our 6-mile run on the Hendersonville Greenway.

There was also a Thai place called Thai Phooket next to the hotel, and we'd eaten there once before. Paul and I both adore Thai food, so we each got orders of Pad See Ew with tofu to go. And we split some tofu spring rolls. This pad see ew was perfect because they added lots of spice (look at all those red pepper flakes!). I ordered mine without egg, and they told me they don't use fish sauce in this dish. YAY!

When I got home from my trip, I made a yummy BLT with BE-Hive seitan bacon and some local lettuce and tomato from my CSA. 

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Hillary said...

I've been dreaming about some type of Italian deli style hoagie since I'm having gluten now, and your picture sealed the deal, must make this weekend!
And I can't wait to try an Impossible burger with the bun!!!