Monday, January 25, 2021

BLT for Breakfast! Pinole Pancakes!

BLTs aren't just for lunch. Serve bacon, lettuce, and tomato on a bagel, and you've got yourself a breakfast sandwich. That's what I did with this whole wheat Dave's Bagel stuffed with BE-Hive seitan bacon, tomato, and lettuce, plus some Violife cream cheese, which makes a great stand-in for mayo on a breakfast sammy.

Last Sunday, Paul and I ran the Memphis Runners Track Club Winter Off Road Series 3K at Shelby Farms. I ran a 25K trail race the day before, and my legs were trashed. So I figured some magic pancakes might help. These Buckwheat Pinole & Chia Pancakes are from the No Meat Athlete book (not the cookbook but the nutrition book), and they're inspired by the Tarahumara runners from Mexico who eat pinole and chia before their long runs. 

My run that afternoon went okay, but I also had some tailbone pain from falling on my butt in the 25K so that hurt. 

Here's a very quick weekday lunch of Bird's Eye Steamed Edamame Black Rice with some added tofu (that I seasoned with turmeric). The rice blend is a simple steam-in-the-bag meal. It has a mango sauce mixed in, and it's really yummy!

Pop-a-roos, the popcorn shop at Crosstown Concourse, has started offering lunch specials, and they've added vegetarian greens! I stopped by one day last and got some for lunch. They're served with cornbread, but I assumed that was made with eggs and butter, so I asked to leave that off. If you try them, be sure to ask for the veg ones because they also have greens with meat.

I enjoyed some of those greens along with some sauteed chard, chickpeas, quinoa, and avocado on a Grain/Green/Bean Bowl. Topped with lots of hot sauce!


Susan said...

I would never in a million years thing that a popcorn shop would have greens!

Hillary said...

I so agree about cream cheese as a stand in for mayo!! That BLT looks so freaking great! I'm a fan of savory breakfasts myself!!
I hope your tailbone feels better. That is a brutal pain.

Hillary said...

I'm also as shocked as Susan about the popcorn shop!!!