Monday, December 7, 2020

Vegan tamales + Tacos 4 Life & more!

My mom knows a lady who makes homemade tamales (and sometimes, she makes vegan ones!), so my mom picked me up a bunch! My parents then vacuum-sealed them three to a bag and froze them. They sent me home with lots of portioned, frozen vegan tamales at Thanksgiving. I finally had some last week on Taco Tuesday, and they were fantastic! They're bean tamales, and I topped these with vegan shreds, avocado, and hot sauce. I'm so glad I have a freezer full of tamales!

Speaking of taco-like things, I finally got a chance to try the Seared Tofu Tacos at Tacos 4 Life! There's a Tacos 4 Life location in Jonesboro, where my parents live, and we went through their drive-through the night before Thanksgiving for a quick dinner. I got a side salad too (minus the cheese).

The morning of Thanksgiving, I went on a 4.5-mile run, and when I got home, my mom had Vegan Sausage & Biscuits ready! Perfect post-run treat and light enough that I wasn't stuffed before the big holiday meal.

Here's a random bowl! I had some frozen borracho beans from awhile back, and I had some frozen greens that Granny had put up before she died last year. I was holding onto those greens forever! But I realized I needed to eat them before they got freezer-burned, so I had a Grain/Green/Bean Bowl with brown rice, garlic aioli (vegan mayo with fresh garlic), chow chow, and some air-fried green tomatoes.

When I found those greens in my deep freezer, I also stumbled on an old bag of FitQuick Protein Waffle mix. I was obsessed with this vegan protein mix for awhile, and I ate it after most runs. But I'd switched to smoothies and protein oats awhile back and forgot I had some of this left. I made some Chocolate Raspberry Protein Pancakes to enjoy after a run one day last week. 


Cadry's Kitchen said...

That is so sweet that you still had some of your Granny's greens in your freezer. I bet it is bittersweet finishing them.

All of the food in this post looks amazing - especially that sausage biscuit & tamales.

Hillary said...

I love tamales so much. It's hard to find vegan tamales around here!
I agree with Cadry, it must have been bittersweet to have those greens. But grandma would be happy!
That bowl looks really incredible. Your beans, greens and grain bowls always looks so good!