Thursday, December 10, 2020

Frittata Time! Plus, Rice Bowl & Rice Noodz

Last Thursday, I had a rare morning off running because I was tapering for my St. Jude 2-Race 10K/Half-Marathon Challenge. So I traded my usual post-run breakfast of protein oats for a fancy Chickpea Frittata. When I don't run, I have way more time in the mornings, so I was able to fit in a Yoga with Adriene video and whip up this hearty breakfast from Eat Feel Fresh.

This frittata is made with chickpea flour, and I added the recommended veggies for my vata dosha — sweet potato and spinach. I roasted the sweet potatoes in the air fryer first and then added to the batter. You bake this in the oven and top with avocado. Here it is fresh out of the oven!

It made a big frittata, so I had half for breakfast on Thursday and saved the rest for Sunday's lazy breakfast. I also usually run on Sundays, but I took that day off to recover from the 2-Race Challenge. I was out of avocado on Sunday, so I melted some Chao cheese on top. 

The night before I ran the 10K in that 2-Race Challenge, I had a really awesome bowl inspired by Hillary from My Cat Loves Daiya. A couple weeks ago, she posted a rice/tofu/lettuce/avocado/peanut sauce bowl, and I knew I wanted to make it. I had some satay sauce in the pantry and everything else on-hand, even the avocado! So I made the bowl, ate the whole thing, and realized I'd forgotten the avocado. Still amazing! But I need to make it again with avo.

And here's a recent Soup Sunday meal. I found Ocean's Halo Thai Coconut Broth on clearance at Kroger for 75 cents! So I made some Tofu & Mushroom Brown Rice Ramen with it. The broth was very lime-y (maybe a little too much so), but it was good. 

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