Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Cookbook Review: The Vegan Cookbook for Kids

My internet friend Barb of That Was Vegan has a new cookbook out! This woman has been steadily putting out cookbooks lately! Her new book, The Vegan Cookbook for Kids, is one that I probably wouldn't have gravitated toward in a store since I don't have human children (just fur babies!). But after glancing through the review copy, I realized that I am actually a big kid!

All of the easy, healthy recipes are designed so that kids can make them, but they also happen to be delicious enough for an adult to enjoy. I picked a few recipes to try! 

Last Friday night, the night before my St. Jude virtual half-marathon (which I got a PR in!!), I carb-loaded with the Pasta & Beanballs. These balls are made from kidney beans, bread crumbs, and spices, and they come together quickly. The recipe calls for a jarred sauce, which I intended to use, but realized about halfway through cooking that I was out of it! So I whipped up a from-scratch sauce using canned diced tomatoes.

For my mid-day snacks this week, I've been munching on Barb's Chipotle Sweet Potato Dip with Laiki black rice crackers and veggies. This creamy dip is made with blended cooked sweet potato, cashews, and spices. And though it does have chipotle powder in it, it's not at all spicy (which is a good thing for kids!).

I also made Pizza Toast! This recipe is more of a snack suggestion since it just calls for bread, pizza sauce, and cheese. I used Italian herb bagels! The photo with the recipe was one of bagels (even though the recipe says any sliced bread will work), and that made me crave bagels. Nothing is more satisfying that pizza on a bagel, y'all. 

The book covers breakfasts, snacks, soups/salads/sandwiches, dinners, and desserts. All the basics! Some other recipes I'd like to make soon: Breaded No-Chicken Nuggets (made with tofu!), Pizza Soup (yes, you read that right!), Creamy Bacon & Pea Pasta (with tempeh bacon), Sloppy Joe Casserole, and the PB&J Ice Cream Pie (WHAT?!). 

Whether you have a kid or not, if you love simple vegan meals, you'll love this book. Eating like a kid is just more fun!


Hillary said...

That dip looks so beautiful and creamy!!!

Barb said...

"When pizzas on a bagel, you can have pizza anytime!" That jingle will not be stuck in your head all day, you're welcome :)

But seriously, thanks for the review and glad you enjoyed the book!!!!