Thursday, July 23, 2020

Sandwich Time!

Who doesn't love a good sandwich? Everything tastes better when enjoyed between two slices of bread, right? I've even been eating sandwiches for breakfast lately! This Daily Grinder Sandwich is from the breakfast chapter of the No Meat Athlete Cookbook. It has bell pepper, carrot, cucumber, avocado, pickled onion, spinach, and hummus. The recipe called for sprouts too, but I didn't have any.

Burgers count as sandwiches! Last week, I had Farm Burger's Vegan Burger with Sweet Potato Fries delivered! I'm not usually one to do delivery, but Crosstown Concourse (the building where Farm Burger is located) offers free delivery within a 4-mile radius. I love this veggie/quinoa-based patty! They've had this for awhile (it replaced Impossible when it Impossible became impossible to keep in stock, thanks to Burger King!). As much as I love the Impossible, I feel better health-wise when I have this veggie patty. And now it has new toppings — vegan mayo and tomato chow chow.

I'm sure I've showed you enough LuLu's Brekky Sandwiches to last a lifetime, but here's another! They've been making the "bacon" with beets lately (instead of the usual carrots), and I like it!! Tofu egg, beet bacon, cashew cheese, sourdough potato bun.

Speaking of LuLu's, here's something that's not a sandwich. They've started offering sourdough bagels, and Don (the sourdough wiz at LuLu's) gave me a Pumpkin Seed Bagel to test. It was perfect! I loved the toasted seeds on top. I enjoyed it with some 88 Acres Pumpkin Seed Butter before a long run. That 88 Acres butter is AMAZING! And green!

Have a great weekend!!


Susan said...

This reminds me that I used to love pumpkin seed butter but I haven't had it for ages.
I have also been eyeing off the breakfast sandwich from NMA for a long time, must get around to making something from it!

Hillary said...

I love sandwiches too!
I've been loving veggie sandwiches for breakfast myself. I always feel great after.
That pumpkin seed bagel looks gorgeous!