Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Hot Dog! Pizza! Fried Rice!

I try to get weekly takeout from Imagine Vegan Cafe because I think it's more important than ever to support our local restaurants during the pandemic. And last week, I was craving a vegan hot dog, so I ordered Imagine's Messy Dog, which is topped with vegan bean chili, vegan cheese, kraut, relish, and jalapenos. I ordered a side of Potato Salad to enjoy with it! Such a perfect summer meal.

I'm still doing my weekly meal themes, and every Friday is PIZZA NIGHT! Last Friday, Paul wanted to grill out, so I decided to grill my pizza. I had some pre-made crusts from Sprouts, and I topped this with all kinds of veggies (tomato, basil, olives, banana peppers). After grilling, I added avocado slices to make this an official Avocado Pizza!

I usually get a LuLu's Brekky Sandwich to go on Friday mornings. That comes with tofu egg, cashew cheese, and carrot/beet bacon. Last week, I asked if I could change it up and sub their homemade black-eyed pea sausage for the tofu egg. They serve the sausage on their sausage-biscuits typically. Loved this variation! The best part of this is their fluffy sourdough potato bun! Freshly baked and delicious.

Here's a recent quick lunch of Butternut Squash & Carrot Soup (a packaged soup from Proper Good) with a Vegan Grilled Cheese (with Chao, tomato from my garden, and spinach).

And finally, here's some yummy Tofu Egg Fried Rice that I made on Wok Wednesday (another of my weekly meal themes). I didn't have Just Egg, so I tried to make a tofu omelet (with chickpea flour and tofu) and then scramble that and add to the rice. But the omelet didn't firm up all the way. So I stirred the tofu egg mix into fried rice, and then I pan-fried it in a pancake style until brown. It was a happy accident that turned out to be really yummy!


Hillary said...

The first meal is such a classic summer meal!! I love hot dogs with all the things!
I always love tomato in my grilled cheese. That soup looks so good, I love a good, smooth and creamy butternut squash soup!

Éphée Lafée said...

I'm not a huge fan of hot-dogs, but yours is totally mouthwatering! As all of those meals you pictured! Everything is awesome!

Susan said...

All of this looks so great!

Alison Jordon said...

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