Thursday, July 2, 2020

Comfort Foods!

I've been eating lots of foods that qualify as both comforting and healthy lately. Yes, whole foods can also nourish the soul! Take for example this bowl of Butternut Squash Mac & Trees! I used butternut squash soup, thickened with a little cornstarch, for the cheesy base and mixed it into whole wheat pasta with broccoli.

Avocado Toast always warms my heart. I've been trying different toppings every time. This toast is topped with fresh basil, parsley, and cilantro from my porch!

My favorite Friday morning treat — a LuLu's Brekky Sandwich with cold brew from Dr. Bean's (both located in Puck Food Hall) — is made with whole plants and a sourdough potato bun. This one has tofu egg, cashew cheese, and beet bacon. I so look forward to these every Friday! I make the drive downtown to pick it up at Puck Food Hall, and then I eat it in my car on the way back home to start my work day. Proof that you don't have to be working in an office to enjoy a takeout breakfast! You can work it into your work-from-home schedule.

Here's a weird and random healthy meal! I found some dried mung beans in my pantry, so I cooked those and seasoned with curry spices, served with "Parmesan" Squash (from the No Meat Athlete Cookbook) and a baked hasselback Japanese yam with nooch. The squash was subbed for zucchini in the recipe, and it's coated in breadcrumbs (seasoned with nooch and spices) and baked in the oven. 

And finally, here's a less healthy meal. But not too bad! I've been treating myself to a few plant meats every month, and last month, I picked up some Dr. Praegar's BBQ Chick'n Wings. They were really tasty with BBQ sauce and served alongside some slow-simmered collard greens and some of the above-mentioned mac & squash.

Hope everyone has a happy 4th! It'll be different this year without big fireworks shows and large gatherings, but we're still gonna make it fun and grill out!


Hillary said...

I love foods that are comforting and healthy. I think I prefer that over pure comfort foods, I always feel better!
I haven't tried the BBQ Dr. Praegar's tenders, but the Buffalo tenders are really good. I had them on a salad with FYH vegan ranch, yum!!

Susan said...

I love when wholefoods and comfort foods intersect. Right now I am eating my comfort food of choice for feeling crappy - wholegrain toast with crunchy peanut butter and cinnamon.