Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Tofu Wings! Jameson Slushees! And Healthy Meals!

Slider Inn, a Memphis bar famous for their sliders and Jameson slushees, is offering curbside pick-up during the pandemic, so I stopped by this past Saturday to grab my favorite meal from them — Tofu & Cauliflower Wings with Fries.

The wings (you get three tofus and three cauliflowers) are served with vegan ranch. The fries always come with bourbon mayo (but the mayo isn't vegan), so the best part of takeout is making your own bourbon mayo at home. I mixed bourbon with a little Vegenaise for a fun fry-dippin' treat! I also got a Jameson Slushee to go! Memphis has lightened up on our booze laws for the pandemic, so bars are now allowed to sell cocktails to go! Let's hope that's one side affect of this bad situation that stays well beyond the virus!

After all that grease and booze, I needed a detox on Sunday! So I made a big batch of Kitchari (inspired by Hillary's kitchari posts) using this recipe for Ayurvedic Cleansing Green Kitchari Bowl. It has finely chopped broccoli and spinach added along with the red lentils, and it made me feel so good inside. I topped my bowl with the last of my homemade unsweetened soy yogurt.

Here's an bowl of Berry PB Oats that I had for breakfast one day last week. I try to eat fresh berries daily, but that's hard when I'm trying not to leave for groceries as often. So I'm turning to frozen berries to fill in the gaps. Frozen berries are great in oats!


Hillary said...

Those wings look so good!! That's amazing that you can pick up a cocktail to go, and I hope it helps the bars a little, they all have to be struggling. This all happened so fast no one really had time to prepare!!
Isn't it funny how kitchari instantly makes you feel so much better? That's why I make it so often, plus it's a great budget meal!
I don't eat oatmeal often, but when I do I definitely enjoy it with frozen berries. They make it so pretty too!

NN said...

Talk to me about the homemade soy yogurt! I've never had success. :/

Bianca said...

Hi NN! I've experimented making it in a few ways, and so far, the only method that works for me is in the Instant Pot. A friend gave me a batch of her oven-made soy yogurt for Christmas, and I froze 1 Tbsp of starter from that (but I think you can use storebought soy yogurt as a starter). I get the West Soy unsweetened soymilk (you have to get soymilk that has only two ingredients — soybeans and water). Then I heat the milk on the yogurt boil setting in the Instant Pot. Add the starter, and then use the yogurt setting and go for 24 hours. I found a recipe that said 8 hours for Instant Pot yogurt, but it hadn't even begun to set up in 8 hours. So I left it for 24 and it worked!

Susan said...

I have also been leaning a lot more on frozen berries lately in an effort to minimise trips to the grocery stores. I love frozen raspberries in oats, they have such a fresh tangy flavour.

NN said...

Interesting...! I must try again.
Thanks for the tips. :)

Jennifer said...

I love the idea that you get both tofu AND cauliflower for the wings. Because sometimes I want both lol