Thursday, April 23, 2020

Review: Proper Good Soup

In these times, a food delivery on your doorstep is just about the best thing in the world. That's one less meal you need to leave your house for. When this box of Proper Good soup was left on my porch, it made my day!

Proper Good soups are available as a one-time delivery, or you can subscribe. They have four flavors, and one of those — Squash & Carrot Soup — is vegan! It's made with butternut squash, carrot, sweet potatoes, coconut milk, veggie broth, turmeric, and other veggies and spices. And, no joke, it may be the best squash soup I've ever had! It truly tastes like something you spent hours in your kitchen making.

Each package is enough for a side serving, like I enjoyed this week with a vegan chicken sandwich. Or you can combine packs for a big bowl!

This creamy soup is bursting with flavor, and the coconut really shines along with hints of savory rosemary. There are bits of veggies, so you get some textural elements, which I really love! I rarely make squash soup at home because I'm not too crazy about purely creamy soups (or purely creamy anything!). I want some chunks, and this has it! The best part? Every single one of the ingredients is a real food. No preservatives or added junk.

When I was enjoying the above bowl, I thought, "This would make an excellent sauce!" So tonight, I made a GGB (grain, green, bean) Bowl with brown rice, kale, white beans, avocado, and tomato, topped with this squash & carrot soup. WOW!! Next level sauce, y'all. I think it'd also make a great sauce for a vegan mac & cheese!

Proper Good is also Earth-friendly! All of the cardboard packaging is, of course, recyclable, but many places will not accept the plastic pouch for their recycling programs. So Proper Good includes a pre-paid return envelope with each order so you can mail the empty pouches back for them to recycle! How great is that?!


Susan said...

Very cool that you can send the pouches back to them.
And very clever ideas for using the soup!

Hillary said...

I love a good butternut squash soup! I rarely do anything with squash because they're so hard to cut!!
I agree, clever use of the soup!