Monday, December 30, 2019

Vegan Cheeseball! Tofu Toast!

Does anyone else feel like they're living on a steady diet of chex mix, cookies, and processed vegan junk food right now? I haven't had a green veggie in days! The end of the year is always like this for me, and I'll be starting the Health Made Simple Athlete plan come January 6. But for now, I'm just trying to eat up all the junk food in the house. It's a tough job.

Anyway, this week, I'll be catching up my random meal posts so I can get ready for Health Made Simple posts next week! Here are a few things I ate a couple weeks ago. My friend Duffy made me a heart-shaped Vegan Cheeseball and dropped it off at my house. Enjoyed this with crackers all week last week. This nut cheese-based ball was excellent!

Our chef at Crosstown Arts had some leftovers from feeding our resident artists one day before the holiday break, so he sent me home with a plate of Blackeyed Pea Fritters with Onion Jam, Smoky Greens, and Succotash. Right up my alley with all this Southern goodness!

Before the holiday break (I'm off work through Jan. 2), I was eating lots of Tofu Toast for breakfast. This one has poached tofu "eggs" and Kite Hill chive cream cheese.

And this one has avocado and sauteed tofu with spinach, nooch, and sriracha!

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Hillary said...

I've been wanting to try and make a cheeseball, I used to love the smoky cheeseballs around the holidays in my pregan days!
I love your fancy tofu toasts!!!