Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Ice Cream! Hand Pies! Tofu Quiche!

Looking back in my old Stuff I Ate files, I realized I had a few old Nashville food pics I forgot to share! Like this amazing cone from Koko's Creamery, Nashville's all-vegan ice cream shop. This two-scoop waffle cone has Peppermint and Chocolate Ice Cream (both coconut based). A trip to Nashville without a trip to Koko's is just sad. Make sure you go there.

And here's a pic of a giant Taco Salad from Wild Cow in Nashville. I added locally made BE-Hive seitan chorizo to my order. But it also has black and pinto beans, Herbivorous Butcher cheddar, blue corn chips, ranch, sour cream, and a bunch of veggies. It was bigger than my head, and yes, I ate it all. 

Here's a tasty little Strawberry-Pear-Cranberry Hand Pie from the cafe at Crosstown Arts. So cute!

My friend Susan made too much Bean Cassoulet the other day, and she left a container of it (with bread for sopping up the juice) on my doorstep! How nice! I had this with some leftover Pasta Salad as a lunch the day before the St. Jude Half. Carbs!

And finally, here are a few treats from LuLu's this past weekend. I got a Savory Shiitake Bacon Scone and a Tofu Onion & Sage Quiche. Triangles!



Susan said...
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Susan said...

That taco salad looks giant and amazing!
I really wish I could try all of the Lulu's goodies.

(Also, the Susan who commented above about the Sims is a different Susan from me!)

vegan1 said...

That quiche looks amazing - I was hoping for a recipe! Wish I lived near there!