Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Nacho Fries + Tempeh Tacos + Turk'y Cutlets

I had THE BEST meal last night! I found this recipe for Nacho Cheeze Fries on the 80/20 Plants website (sorry, since the recipes are only available to subscribers, there's no link). And y'all, it may be the best thing I've eaten in awhile. And it's 100% whole food, plant-based. The cheeze sauce is made with blended red lentils, nooch, and almond milk, and it's served atop baked fries, along with smoked tofu (from my dad's smoker), jalapenos, and scallions.

Who would have thought you can make vegan cheeze sauce using lentils? The lentils firm up a lot in the fridge, so the sauce gets thick and almost sliceable, which is pretty cool if you want a sliced cheese. But it melts into a sauce when heated. So good! I'll be making this again. For sure.

Y'all, look what I found at Kroger! Clearly Canadian! If you were around in the late 80s/early 90s, you probably remember this sweetened sparkling water. I used to love this stuff, and it's making a comeback. It's more like soda than Le Croix but really good. Definitely a nice treat.

And look! The ingredient list says "vegan flavoring"! I'm sure that wasn't there on the original bottles!

My lunches this week have been BBQ Tempeh Tacos, another recipe from 80/20 Plants. This one is super-simple — simply saute tempeh with BBQ sauce and serve in corn tortillas with pineapple, cilantro, red cabbage, and pickled onion.

For some of my dinners this week, I've been enjoying these Grain/Green/Bean Bowls with quinoa, kale, roasted brussels, sauteed Simple Truth plant-based kielbasa, and either tahini sauce (pictured here) or the leftover cheeze sauce from my fries. Nothing beats a GGB bowl!

And finally, here's one of my more indulgent meals of the week! Last Sunday, I met my friend Mike for brunch at Imagine Vegan Cafe and ordered this Turk'y Cutlet Plate with fried vegan cutlets over mashed potatoes and gravy and sides of vegan mac & cheese and seasoned greens. Yummmmm!


Hillary said...

Cheese sauce made from red lentils??? Brilliant!!!
I so remember Clearly Canadian!! I'm excited it's coming back!!

Barb said...

In Junior high my friends and I would skip lunch and use the money to buy Clearly Canadians after school LOL!

vegan1 said...

I too remember Clearly Canadian! I am torn about your post - grateful for you sharing....sad I can't get the recipes. Do you know when they'll be available again for purchase from No Meat Athlete? That cheese sauce looks amazing. Thanks!

Bianca said...

Hey vegan1! Sorry about that! It looks like the 8020 Plants website is accepting new members now, I think. If you go to and go to Join Now, it takes you to the sign-up page. Hopefully, that will work! It's a great program!

Susan said...

I have never heard of lentils being used in cheese sauce - masterful!

Jennifer said...

Never heard red lentils used in a cheese sauce but it sounds like it would be super creamy and yummy (just thinking about how a really well cooked dhal can get)