Monday, October 7, 2019

BBQ Jackfruit + Vegan Jerky + Nice Cream Oats

I made some BBQ jackfruit (using this recipe from Minimalist Baker) for a potluck event last week and saved a little aside for the next night's dinner. Here's a BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich with Red Cabbage Slaw and some sweet potato fries on the side (prepared in the air fryer). I usually make my fries from fresh potatoes, but these Alexia fries were on sale.

Still doing the 80/20 Plants thing! Last week, that meant having this whole foods-based Hearty Chickpea Soup for work lunches. This has chickpeas, kale, a tomato-veggie base, and whole wheat linguini pasta broken up into bite-sized pieces. Some days, I enjoyed it with whole wheat bread and other days with whole wheat crackers.

Here's REALLY ugly picture of a really yummy dinner of Sweet Potato Fries with Vegan Chili & Chao Cheese from last week. My lightbox lights (which I use for taking pics in the fall/winter when the sun goes down early) are broken, and some days, that means really poorly lit photos like this one. And let's be real — this food styling leaves much to be desired. But it was delicious. If you look to the top right, you'll see my kitty Polaris going in for a bite. 

One of my favorite breakfasts — Steel Cut Oats with Banana N'ice Cream & Tahini. The combo of warm and cold is just fabulous. For the nice cream, I added frozen strawberries and protein powder. I'm back to eating protein powder fairly regularly. It's considered part of the 80% on 80/20 Plants, and even though I know I don't need that extra protein for health, it does keep me fuller longer.

Here's a Lumberjack Latte from City & State, a third-wave coffee shop on Broad Ave. I was there for a meeting and was excited to try this iced maple latte from their new fall menu. 

The juice bar downstairs from my office is mostly vegan (except they do have some menu items with honey), yet I was still surprised to find this new-to-me vegan jerky for sale there! It's Jerky Y'all is a soy curl-based jerky, and it's GOOD! This prickly pear teriyaki jerky was both sweet and savory. 

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Susan said...

I have heard good things about that jerky!
Kitty nose is so adorable. <3