Thursday, June 27, 2019

Chef Pancho's Vegan Plate at Global Café

I finally got a chance to stop into Global Café to try the new Venezuelan chef's vegan plate! Chef Pancho started working at Global Café, the international food hall in Crosstown Concourse, a couple weeks ago after the beloved Nepalese chef, Chef Indra, moved out of state.

Chef Pancho has several vegan options, including vegan empanadas and vegan arepeas, and I cannot wait to try those. But today, I had to order his Vegan Plate. A girl needs her rice and beans, y'all!

This is warm, steamy seasoned black beans (they're flecked with bell pepper), perfect white rice, and sweet fried plantains. And it was just what I needed. This is the kind of meal I can eat and feel really great all day.

All three chefs at Global Café offer vegan selections. I recommend the Sudanese falafel from Chef Ibti and the rice-stuffed grape leaves and baba ganoush from Syrian chef Fayha.


Hillary said...

Yum, that meal looks perfect. I really, really love simple meals like this!

Sarah said...

Ooooh yes!! That looks awesome, those plantains, yum! I can't wait to hear about the empanadas and the arepas!

Jennifer said...

Those plantains look AMAZING! Oddly, I've never really had plantains if they weren't mixed all up with stuff (like in a stew or wrap) so it is funny that htey just look so yummy. lol

Susan said...

This looks amazing! I wish more places here had plantains on the menu. I have only ever had them if I have made them myself, but they never look as good.