Thursday, September 20, 2018

Nasoya Vegan Dumplings

Nasoysa — makers of my favorite tofu! — sent me a few free packages of their vegan dumplings to review. Few things make me happier than tofu and veggies stuffed into tender dumpling dough, so I was more than happy to oblige.

There are two varieties — Tofu Vegetable Dumplings and Thai Basil Dumplings. Each package contains about two and half servings (one serving is five dumplings).

If you've ever made fresh dumplings, you know what a pain it is to stuff and fold and cinch the ends OVER and OVER and OVER. I'd much rather have that process done for me, so Nasoya makes it easy. These are ready to fry or boil — your preference.

I tried these several ways. My favorite method, used on these Thai Basil Dumplings, was frying, of course. I used non-stick cooking spray instead of oil though because I didn't want them to be super-fatty. Since I've cut back on oil, I've found I can be pretty sensitive to too much.

These soft pillows are stuffed with tofu, peas, carrots, onion, bell pepper, and Thai basil. I'm not a huge fan of large amounts of Thai basil, but there's just a little in these so it's not at all overpowering. I served these with a bottled peanut-coconut satay sauce, and it was just perfect.

I boiled the Tofu Vegetable Dumplings, which are stuffed with tofu, breadcrumbs, mushrooms, onion, and carrot. The taste is pretty similar in both, but the mushrooms give this a little different boost of flavor. I served these with a teriyaki soy dipping sauce made with soy, teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds, water, and garlic powder. I had a green bean and tofu stir-fry on the side for a well-rounded, delicious meal.

One day, when I had to bring my lunch to work, I tried microwaving these and the texture, while a little chewier, wasn't that bad! I wouldn't recommend preparing them that way, but in a pinch, it works.

You definitely need these Nasoya dumplings in your life.


Susan said...

I am no the biggest fan of making dumplings from scratch, so fiddly! I wish we had more options like this here. Love some ready made dumplings.

Hillary said...

I've tried the tofu dumplings but not the Thai basil. They are really good and they splatter less since they aren't frozen!!

Sarah said...

Those look amazing! I am always searching for good dumpling options and these look great. I bet they would be delicious in a soup with some veggies!

Unknown said...

I was so excited to finally find these the other day! My store only had the veggie ones- i’m weird and like dumplings better steamed, and did a soy sauce sesame oil dipping sauce. Really delicious! I’ll definitely buy them again next time they’re on sale, stupid nyc grocery prices means they’re about $7 otherwise