Monday, May 8, 2017

Stuff I Ate

Sorry I didn't blog last night! I typically always post on Sunday nights, but I went to the Beale Street Music Fest here in Memphis this past weekend, and I was busy jamming out to Bush and Ani DiFranco yesterday!

Got some random meals for you! Last weekend, we celebrated my mama's birthday a little early. Her birthday fell this past Thursday, but she and my dad came to Memphis the weekend prior so we could go eat and do presents. My parents love Genghis Grill, the Mongolian stir-fry chain. They love the whole build-a-bowl concept. And I do too! But I rarely eat at chains, so I like having an excuse to do so. I got a stir-fry with tofu, lots of veggies, and brown rice.

Afterward, we went to IKEA so I could pick out a new couch and recliner! And then back to my house for birthday wish time. I asked my mom if she wanted me to bake her some cupcakes, but she said she'd rather have a bagel from Dave's Bagels. Ha! So we had apple cinnamon bagels with vegan cream cheese in lieu of cake.

Speaking of bagels, I made some strawberry chia jam last week using organic berries from Winchester Farms. Served on a whole wheat Dave's Bagel with peanut butter. Perfection.

It wouldn't be a "stuff I ate" post without bagels, right? Or without FitQuick! I made some FitQuick Double Chocolate Brownie Protein Pancakes last week and served with banana and peanut butter maple syrup. For the syrup, I mixed two tablespoons of PB2 with about 1 1/2 tablespoons of maple syrup. Yum!

Mama Gaia started serving breakfast last week! This all-vegetarian, all-organic restaurant is in the Crosstown Concourse building, just two blocks from my house. So I popped over there after a morning run last Monday and grabbed the Apple Cinnamon Oats (made with steel cut oats, fresh apples, and rice milk). I brought that home and enjoyed with a REBBL protein shake.

Later that morning, I was in the Crosstown Concourse building for a work meeting, so I got a Red Power Juice from Mama Gaia — beets, apple, carrots, orange, lime, and ginger.

Last week, I met up with Jennifer, Pam, and Shay on our lunch breaks for Pho Binh buffet. None of these ladies had ever been to Pho Binh's legendary, dirt-cheap, tofu lunch buffet, and we needed to remedy that. You can't go wrong with lemongrass tofu, black bean tofu, clear soup, and coconut tofu soup!

More random meal pics tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Your mom is SO gorgeous!! And i'm with her, i would take a bagel over a cupcake any day. That Rebbl brand isn't widespread enough yet-i found it in one whole foods but not another and i loved that cold brew protein flavor!
I would be at that tofu buffet lunch at least twice a week, all of it sounds fantastic

Hillary said...

Those bagels must be out of this world for your mom to choose them over cupcakes!! And I agree, she is gorgeous!
I am craving lemongrass tofu so hard now! I still remember the first time I tried it, it was truly life changing!
Your strawberry chia jam sounds delicious too. I've never made jam, but i remember my aunt used to make homemade jam and it was just the best.

Sarah said...

I agree with the above sentiments, your mom is stunning! And she is a woman after my own heart because a bagel instead of cake is totally something I would do too :) I'm so glad you are enjoying the vegan restaurant and that it is so close to your house! All of your meals look great and you know I love a good stir fry. That one looks really great!

Jennifer said...

I personally love cake, but I love when people put candles on whatever they want!

Rbbl is so yummy. Bummer that their matcha isn't vegan. I accidentally drank before seeing the honey listed and it was so good. Why bother with the honey people! said...

I love the idea of a bagel cake! Yum!