Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Vegan Margherita Pizza!

A couple weekends ago, I went to Little Rock for my best friend Sheridan's birthday. And no trip to Little Rock is complete without stocking up on Miyoko's Creamery products! For some reason, our Memphis Whole Foods STILL doesn't carry Miyoko's nut cheeses. But I can get several of her amazing aged cheeses at Little Rock's Whole Foods and their Natural Grocers chain (which we don't have here).

Sheridan, Drew, and I stopped by Natural Grocers before I headed back to Memphis, and look what I found! Miyoko's Creamery Fresh VeganMozz!

I was sent samples of Miyoko's vegan version of buffalo mozz awhile back, but it was before the cheese hit the market, and it was packaged in water in a tub. The cheese tasted great, but it did dissolve and break down a bit in the water it was packed in. But this new market-friendly version is vacuum-packed, which works much better!

I knew exactly what to do with this mild, soft cashew-based mozzarella. MARGHERITA PIZZA! 

Last night, I whipped up the basic pizza dough from Vegan with a Vengeance. That's my go-to recipe. I let it rise slowly in the fridge overnight, and then mid-day today, I took a late lunch and came home from work to remove the dough from the fridge and let it continue to rise in a warm place. I went back to work, and when I arrived home a few hours later, it was ready to go!

This pizza was so simple that I don't even need to type out a recipe. Just make any vegan pizza dough recipe, top with a jarred marinara (I used Prego Traditional), slices of Miyoko's FreshMozz, fresh basil and oregano, and chopped tomato. I went with a yellow farmer's market tomato for a pop of color!

The FreshMozz melts beautifully! When I first removed the pie from the oven, the cheese slices were so melty, they were a tad runny. But I let the pizza cool for about 5 minutes, and they started to firm up to the perfect texture. I'm so glad that I have leftovers for tomorrow!


Amey said...

awesome!! I really miss margherita pizza a lot. I still haven't tried this Miyoko's Mozzerella -- based on your recommendation I'll give it a try!

Hillary said...

Great minds think alike! I recently discovered Miyokos mozz and made the same pizza! I love it so much. It tasted great, and had an amazing texture. Your pizza looks extra pretty with the gorgeous yellow tomatoes!

Laryssa said...

Wow, I just saw this at Whole Foods yesterday too! I ALMOST bought it but couldn't bite the bullet with the price. After your review, though, I'll definitely be getting it soon to make pizza.

kzcakes said...

Yum the mozz looks so perfect! Everytime I see it in stores I weep because it costs just too much cash for me to part with! said...

That looks like a perfect pizza! I can't wait to try the cheese one day and I love the way the yellow tomatoes give the pizza an extra pop of colour.