Thursday, August 18, 2016

Skinny Coconut Oil

Remember how, back the 1990s, coconut was considered the devil? Everyone raved about how unhealthy it was because it was loaded with saturated fat. Little did we realize back then, it wasn't the coconut that was the bad guy. It was the way the oil was hydrogenated, which created what we know now as the real devil — trans fats.

Turns out, plant-based saturated fats are actually good for you. Specifically, the lauric acid (a medium chain sat-fat) found in virgin coconut oil. Nothing makes me happier than knowing fat is good for me! I love fat! I've been using virgin coconut oil for years both in food and on my body as a substitute for lotion.

Skinny & Co. produces raw, alkaline coconut oil. It's cold-pressed and never heated above 97 degrees Fahrenheit. They sent me a jar of their oil to sample and review.

It's so warm in my house and outside that when the package arrived, the oil was liquified and clear. But I placed the jar in the fridge so it would firm up and turn white for a photo shoot. Right now, the jar has found a home on my bathroom counter (and it's clear liquid again), where I've been using it for my new favorite use — oil pulling!

That's right. I've given into the oil pulling hype. If you're not familiar, oil pulling is an ancient tradition that involves swishing coconut oil in your mouth for five to 20 minutes a day. It's believed to protect tooth enamel, loosen stuff stuck in your teeth, whiten teeth, and freshen breath. It's not based in actual science, and I know it's a little hokey. But it makes my mouth feel good, and I only swish for 5 minutes, so it doesn't take much time. My teeth aren't the greatest any more, so I'll try anything. 

Skinny actually sells a special oil-pulling blend spiked with peppermint essential oil, but I may try making that at home since peppermint oil is a staple around my home.

They actually make all kinds of coconut oil-based beauty products — body butter, facial oil, sugar scrub, and soaps. Sadly, their lip balm is not vegan since it contains beeswax. I'll never understand why everyone feels a need to add beeswax to lip balm.

Anyway, of course you can eat it too! On Wednesday morning, I spread a little on some gluten-free toast before topping the toast with tofu for breakfast. I love the slight coconut taste and rich, buttery flavor.

I've also found that Skinny & Co. oil makes the BEST Vegan Bulletproof Coffee! I've tried other coconut oil brands, and they all make for creamy coffee. But the Skinny brand gets a thick layer of foam on top, almost like a coffeeshop cappuccino. I'm skeptical on all the supposed health benefits of bulletproof coffee, but I do love that the added fat makes for a creamy drink and keeps me fuller longer after breakfast.

To make vegan bulletproof coffee, just pour one cup of hot coffee into a blender. Add 1 teaspoon coconut oil, a squeeze of liquid stevia (to taste), 1 teaspoon maca, 2 tablespoons of almond milk, and a dash of cinnamon. Blend until creamy and enjoy hot.

Perhaps the coolest thing about Skinny & Co. is their commitment to sustainability. The company provides resources to build homes and schools in Vietnam, where they're based. And they also teach English there and support local farmers.


Hillary said...

I've never tried oil pulling, but I do love coconut oil for moisturizing and also cooking!

lacy davis said...

Whyyyy do they have to call it skinny though? I have such a pet peeve for weight loss culture making its way into the names of food. #feministkilljoy

Jennifer said...

I agree with Lacy- I am was very confused by the name. Womp womp.

I am also fairly certain I would hate bulletproof coffee but that cup you made looks insane... like how? Just mostly oil and coffee, it just doesn't make sense.

Bianca said...

Oh, I definitely agree about the name. I almost said something about that in my review, but I got to writing about oil pulling and coffee and forgot. But yea, I do wish food brands would stop with "skinny" everything.

thelogicalpirate said...

I just wanted to take a minute to say how happy I was to see a vegan blogger write about oils and not demonize them! I am so over this no oil trend that seems to be taking over the vegan world by storm. Also your blog is super rad :)

Tea and Sympatico said...

I am a coconut oil lover especially in baking. I just tried the bulletproof coffee recently ad was surprised how much I liked it and I can highly recommend trying the same kind of method with hot chocolate. I found a recipe in a library book (I think it was Superfoods 24/7) where you whizzed up in a blender cacao, almond milk, tiny pinches of ginger, cinnamon and chilli, some sweetener of choice and coconut oil. Then you warmed it in a pan. It was amazing!