Sunday, June 22, 2014

Brunch is Back at Imagine Vegan Cafe!

Imagine Vegan Cafe, Memphis' vegan comfort food cafe, is now open for brunch on Sundays!

Shortly after Imagine opened about three years ago, they started doing Sunday brunch. But because, at the time, the restaurant was being run solely by owners Adam and Kristie, they had to stop the brunch hours to spend time with their family. They have three kids, a pig, and a bunch of rescued dogs, and they simply couldn't be open all the time. After they stopped brunch hours, they started offering their breakfast foods all the time. Biscuits and gravy for dinner? No problem!

And they still offer breakfast all day. But starting today, Imagine is open for Sunday brunch once again. The restaurant is doing well these days, and they've been able to hire a full staff. So now Adam and Kristie can spend more time with their family and still have the restaurant be open.

Cassi, Stephanie, and I went to brunch today. They're offering all the same breakfast foods on the regular order-anytime menu, but there are also specials that you can only get during Sunday brunch hours (11 a.m. to 3 p.m.). I ordered one of those specials — Spinach Quiche and Salad.

Stephanie, who bakes all the goodies at Imagine, actually baked the quiche. And it was so good! Flaky crust, tofu-eggy filling! The salad comes with your choice of dressing, and of course I opted for Imagine's homemade vegan ranch.

They'll also be having an assortment of breakfast-y vegan baked goods each Sunday — muffins, scones, rolls, etc. Today, Stephanie made Cinnamon Rolls, which are pretty much my fave dessert in the world. I actually devoured the whole roll before my savory items arrived at the table.

Steph also made her gigantic French Silk Pie, which is what Cassi had for dessert.

There's also a seasonal Strawberry Soup on the brunch menu. Kristie brought samples to our table to try. It was a cool, yogurty, sweet berry soup. Perfect for a hot day like today. You can order this by the cup or by the bowl.

Of course, the Memphis Slam is always on the brunch menu! This is what Stephanie ordered, and it's definitely long been one of my favorite dishes at Imagine. Biscuits topped with tofu scramble, gravy, and vegan cheese. Best served with a squeeze of sriracha on top.

See y'all at brunch next Sunday!


Sheridan said...

Drooling....gosh, I would love to get some of that brunch RIGHT NOW!! That Memphis Slam is killer!

Brian Woz said...

Wow. If that silk pie is even half as delicious as it looks, I might have to plan a trip to Memphis.

Lesley Eats said...

Their desserts are killer. I have no idea how they do it. If I was still in Memphis, I would be there on a regular basis.

Sarah said...

Brunch is my absolute favorite!! Everything looks amazing, especially that cinnamon roll with the thick icing and that strawberry soup! Yum!! I would definitely go there for Sunday brunch every week, it looks so great.

Dana said...

OMG YES! said...

Oh hell yeah, the memphis slam is definitely what I'd have ordered but I'd also have gotten a slice of quiche and some of that pie to go. Perfect!