Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stuff I Ate

I'm loving these "stuff I ate" posts. They're perfect filler when I don't have any new dishes or reviews to share. Plus, I just can't eat a thing these days if I don't photograph it first. It just feels wrong. So I take pictures of EVERTHING I eat. If you're Foursquare friends with me, I should probably apologize for the photo check-ins at every meal. But you know, Foursquare is made for over-sharers, so if you're on it, you probably don't mind.

Anyway, I had an excellent meal at Deja Vu Creole and Vegetarian Restaurant last Saturday after the Southern Women's Show. Cassi, Aisha, and I went to the new downtown location for this much-loved vegan-friendly Cajun joint for dinner Saturday night. It's been ages since I'd had the Veggie Rolls, so I got an order of these as my entree — two spring-roll-style rolls stuffed with curried cabbage, raisins, and other veggies and served with a sweet 'n' sour sauce.

So good. Sometimes fried food is just what you need, right? (UPDATE: A commenter informed me that these may not be vegan because Chef Gary has some pics on his blog of him making these once with Nasoya wrappers, which are not vegan. I know they were vegan at one time because the recipe was first developed by Bastet, a long-time Memphis vegan who helped Gary open Deja Vu. She's not there anymore, so it's possible this isn't vegan now. But don't let that deter you from eating at Deja Vu! They have so many items that are definitely vegan. Since the vegan and vegetarian items are listed in the same section of the menu, you might wanna ask about some items to be sure. I'm more of a "don't ask, don't tell" vegan, and when I find out things aren't, I just don't order them again. No worries).

This comes with two sides, so I opted for Collard Greens and Candied Yams. (By the way, all meals come with a cornbread roll, but it's not vegan. Don't eat that.)

In case you've never been, you should know that Deja Vu serves lots of meat too. But don't let that turn you off. There's a vegetarian/vegan section on the menu, and there are vegan desserts everyday. He offers meat-free options right alongside his alligator stew and such. It's nice to have your food choices honored in such a way. No secret vegan menus. No ordering off the menu. It's all right there, and it's taken just as seriously as the meat dishes are. Plus, ALL the side dishes are vegan (except the cornbread), so even meat-eaters have vegan collard greens at Deja Vu.

At home, I've been eating a lot of cereal for breakfast. I get on cereal kicks, and that's all I want for breakfast. And then I burn myself out and can't touch it for weeks. I've been alternating between Love Crunch Dark Chocolate & Berries granola ...

And Kashi Raisin Vineyard cereal (like Raisin Bran but healthier).

That juice in the above picture is my fave spring juice of the moment — Ravishing Rhubarb Juice from Crazy Sexy Juices & Succulent Smoothies. It has three simple ingredients — rhubarb, strawberries, and kale. I juice on days when I have a solid breakfast, and other days, I have smoothies instead.

Speaking of breakfast, I had these amazing fluffy, giant pancakes with slices of vegan sausage from Imagine Vegan Cafe one night last week for brinner. Imagine is re-doing their menu soon, and some items are being taken off. Pancakes didn't make the cut, but I have the inside scoop that waffles may be taking their place. Anyway, I wanted to get these one last time. Kristie from Imagine makes the world's best pancakes.

And then there's dessert, of course. Tonight, I had this healthy dessert of Banana Maca Chip Soft Serve before my hoop dance class.

I just whirred up a frozen banana with a splash of almond milk and some Vega Maca Chocolate in my food processor. Instant bliss.


Anonymous said...

That all looks great! Especially the veggie rolls, they remind me of something we have in Australia called the Chiko roll. It's not veg, but it has a very distinguishable batter that looks exactly like those veggie rolls!

Lauren Phelps said...

Hoop dance class!! What!? Looks like good eats! Have a fabulous day!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bianca. Don't the veggie roll wrappers contain eggs? (which is why I stopped eating them) :( Check out this post of DejaVu making the veggie rolls, step by step. That's a Nasoya egg roll wraps package near the cutting board, right?

Anonymous said...

And, hey, if I'm wrong about the contains-egg thing, please let me know. lol I'd love a wrap right now! :)

Bianca said...

Hey anonymous, it's totally possible. I tend to not ask too many questions when I eat out, and the vegan and vegetarian options there are on the same menu. There are some brands of wrappers that are vegan, but Nasoya isn't. Oh well. At least I got to eat them one last time before I found out. Next time, I'll go back to my standard Deja Vu fave — mock chicken sandwich.

Sarah said...

Everything looks so good. I'm especially loving those pancakes, they look so perfect. I especially love when they are served with a savory side, it adds such a nice balance. The soft serve sounds really good too, and that granola!!