Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Phood Is Phat!

Can I still call something phat? Isn't it about time we brought that back? And maybe gnarly too. The Cool beans?

Anyway, all of those outdated ways to say "awesome" could be used to describe Phood and Plant Fusion plant-based protein powders. As I've mentioned here many times before, I typically make a fruit and protein powder smoothie for breakfast on days when I run. It's important to get lots of quality protein when you're really exerting yourself. It can help speed muscle recovery before your next run.

Well, months and months ago, when I was at the Chicago Veggie Fest, I met Scott from Plant Fusion. He was there giving out samples of Phood and Plant Fusion protein powders, both from the same company. Paul tried some of the Phood Caramel Chocolate Everything Shake, and he was hooked. He immediately shelled out $40-something bucks for a big ole container, and when I introduced myself to Scott, he said he'd send over some sample packets so I could review them here on my blog. Scott did just that, but right before those samples arrived, I fractured my foot. And I stopped drinking protein shakes because I wasn't running.

I had all these samples, but I didn't want to waste them when I wasn't running. So I shelved this review for awhile. That's Paul's big Phood Caramel Chocolate Everything Shake in the center and on the sides are the packs Scott sent — Phood Vanilla Everything Shake and Plant Fusion protein in Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies 'n' Cream, and Unflavored. (You can tell how long I've had this stuff from the greenery in the picture! It was still summer when I took this.)

This stuff is loaded with goodness. The Phood has 18 grams of protein, and the Plant Fusion has 22 grams. The plant protein comes from peas, artichoke, amaranth, and quinoa. Plant Fusion powder is just the pure protein stuff, but Phood has whole food-based vitamins, complex carbs, probiotics, greens, fiber, and all your omegas.

Because the Caramel Chocolate belonged to Paul, I only stole one scoop for myself. I get mad when he steals my protein powder, so I didn't think it was fair to steal his. But the one shake I had with it was AMAZING. Also delicious was this Cookies 'n' Cream Smoothie (made with a frozen banana, soy milk, and Plant Fusion Cookies 'n' Cream). I had this one months and months ago, but I still remember it being delicious.

I had two more of these packs this week after runs. On Monday, I used the Plant Fusion Chocolate to make a Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie (half a frozen banana, one cup of almond milk, 1/2 cup of frozen raspberries, chocolate protein powder).

And today, I used that packet of Phood Vanilla Everything Shake to make the tastiest Banana-Blueberry-Vanilla Smoothie I've ever had. That's one frozen banana, 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries, one cup almond milk, and vanilla Phood powder).

While I really enjoyed the Plant Fusion packs, they didn't make for the same kind of thick 'n' creamy smoothies that the Phood powder did. Maybe having all that extra good stuff in there makes it creamier. But that banana-blueberry-vanilla smoothie today was so thick, it might as well have been ice cream. I could have eaten it was a spoon. I like my smoothies to seem like desserts.

Phood and Plant Fusion are definitely on the same playing field as Vega One in my opinion. And coming from a diehard Vega lover, that means a lot. My only complaint is that, unlike Vega One, they don't contain much calcium. Vega One has 50% of your daily RDA for calcium, but Phood has only 2%. I know there are a million other sources of vegan calcium, but I kind of like getting my RDA in with one smoothie (since I use the almond milk with 45% of my RDA).

But that wouldn't stop me from using Phood regularly. When my protein powder stash of Vega and Garden of Life tubs run low, I'll definitely be adding a Phood tub to the regular rotation.


VeganWoman said...

Phood looks interesting. Our Vegfest is coming up this weekend so I will keep my eye out for it. Thanks!

Michele Scott said...

I was traveling recently and brought individual protein packs for easy / emergency meals... a sample of Phood was one. I mixed it in a shaker with some instant oats and the result was SO THICK I needed a spoon. Definitely doing this next time I'm on a plane/stuck someplace I'm not sure about food options!

Dana said...

i haven't tried the phood, but i love the plant protein powder. i like how light it is. i used to put a couple scoops in a shaker bottle in the car, so when i got out of the gym i could add water and get some protein after a workout. that's awesome that they sent you samples, and that you're RUNNING AGAIN!! :D

Sarah said...

I've heard such great things about this brand of protein powder, especially the cookies n cream flavor! I always said I'd buy some of it the next time I needed protein powder :) The chocolate caramel sounds delicious too! Your smoothies are such pretty colors :)

jsoleil said...

Thanks for this review!! I've been looking for a good vegan protein powder!

Jupiter Jim said...

Just tried the Phood Vanilla Shake today. It's decent. For some reason I like the Vega One meal replacement better. Seems to be more natural, healthier.

I am suspicious of how the hell they make the Phood shake so SWEET!

Let me know if you figure out how!

Thanks so much!

~ Jupiter Jim

Anonymous said...

Another major difference between Vega and Phood is the iron content. Phood has about 2%. Vega has 50% of your daily requirement. This is too much for most men and for women past menstruation. Iron overload is dangerous.
To answer the sweetness question (if not already answered) both Vega and Phood use stevia, but neither state how much.

Judy said...

Hi! I'm old enough to not know that phat ever meant awesome, so I was really surprised when I saw your review headline. I thought it meant something bad. I had to click on the link to find out what the problem was! I was looking for other people's reviews of protein supplements. I'm not vegan. I'm basically vegetarian. (I occasionally eat fish and seafood.) I use the protein supplements in my smoothies. I consider them a special weekend treat that goes well with the workouts I do. I also like smoothies for those nights when I just don't feel like cooking. When I tried the Phood, I was really pleased - much more than with the pricier Vega One. I was trying to see if anyone who might have more knowledge than me thought they were as good for you as they were tasting. Thanks for sharing!

Jon O'Shea said...

Great to hear you love Phood so much! I've been using PlantFusion protein powder for my post-workout shake and it's awesome. Choc is the best flavour, imho.