Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's Sprang, Ya'll!

Every time I think of spring, I imagine James Franco as the rapper Alien from Spring Breakers saying "Sprang Break Foreva" in his twangy slur. If you haven't seen that amazing Harmony Korine film, get thee to Netflix. Or you could just listen to this two-hour loop of James Franco saying "sprang break" over and over.

Alien wants to wish you a happy sprang!

Anyway, all that is to say, it's finally spring!! OMG! I hate winter so much. But since winter is an inescapable fact, I grin and try to make it bearable with warming soups and stews and lots of pumpkin. But those days are finally behind us for another year. It's still chilly here, but I'll take a 50-degree day over a 30-degree day. Jackets > coats.

The Spring Equinox (also known as Ostara) is traditionally celebrated with eggy dishes since we're celebrating the fertility of Mother Earth. But you know I don't eat that stuff, so I welcomed spring with vegan eggs!

On March 20th — the official first day of spring — I joined Cassi and Brenna at Imagine Vegan Cafe to celebrate Cassi's one-year veganaversary. Imagine is about to come out with a new menu, and they're taking off a few items. One of those is the Egg Salad Sandwich. It's messy as hell since Kristie is generous with the egg salad, so I ate this with a fork. But it was a fond farewell to one of my favorite chickpea-based egg salads. On the the side, I had the Brown Sugared Carrots because carrots remind me of bunnies.

I also made Hot Cross Buns using Vegan Dad's recipe. These were just lightly sweet, spicy with cinnamon and clove, and flecked with currants. 

I got even "egg"-ier on Friday, but I'm saving that post for tomorrow night because I plan to include a recipe, and I don't have time to type it up before The Walking Dead comes on. #priorities


Anonymous said...

Last week was Spring Break in here in Austin and I found it impossible not to say it in Alien's voice. My boyfriend even left me a voicemail saying Sprang Break, Sprang Break. It was creepy and awesome.

Lauren said...

Happy Spring!! Everything looks delicious - but especially the hot cross buns! yum :)

Tender B. said...

I can't help but playing his voice through my mind during spring break, that's for sure. It is also thanks to this movie that I hum Britney Spears every once in a while.