Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Match Meat Stuffed Chicken

Quick post tonight. I'm exhausted. Been up since 4:30 a.m. so I could make it to my first early morning Bikram (hot) yoga class this morning. It was lovely getting such a challenging workout in before dawn, but now I'm literally passing out at my computer.

Anyway, as I've mentioned before, I'm working on cleaning out my pantry and freezer before the new year. Still hanging out in freezer were an unopened bag of Match Vegan Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken patties. Match sent me a ton of review products earlier this year, and I'm still working my way through them.

I fried one up for lunch today and topped it with ajvar (a Serbian red bell pepper and garlic relish that I picked up at the local Mediterranean market a few months ago) and some leftover homemade cashew cream from last week's matzoh brei.

Looks totally fancy, huh? I wish I had a better picture of the inside, but I opted to cut it open after adding the topping. So it's a little hard to see the stuffing of spinach and sundried tomatoes. Loved this chicken! Like all the Match meats I've tried, it had a VERY realistic taste and texture. I'm convinced that Match makes the best faux meat on the market. And the Mediterranean stuffing really made this dish shine.

I served it with a helpin' of Mac & Teese with Broccoli.

When I was at Vida Vegan Con back in May (yes, that long ago!), I went home with four packages of Teese cheese. And I still had the Teese cheese sauce in my fridge! I'm telling y'all — my food hoarding problem is out of control. Anyway, the sauce expired in November, but I figured it was fine. And it was! It made the perfect creamy sauce to mix with half a box of leftover whole wheat elbow macaroni that was in my pantry and some broccoli that had been languishing my crisper for almost too long.


Susan said...

I miss Teese. I used to be able to get it here but they are not importing it anymore. I love their nacho sauce as well for super quick nachos.

I am glad you are loving the bikram!

Cadry said...

Ha! I'm having a problem with my VVC booty expiring as well. Amaranth lasts a long time, right? ;)

I've only tried Match meat once in a restaurant, and it was very good. I don't recall seeing it in a store, but I'd love to try it sometime!

Sheridan said...

My god, that looks tasty!! I really really want to try the Match meats!

Unknown said...

[ Smiles ] Bianca, you scared me with that title.

Thank you for yet another vegan recipe!