Sunday, May 27, 2012


Every month, I make the featured recipe in the 2012 Happy Herbivore calendar. So far, all the recipes have been low-fat (that's the HH's schtick) and delicious. So far, I've made strawberry cupcakes, hot cocoa, green pea hummus, and colcannon, But May's selection is my favorite by far — Lentil Tacos!!

The recipe is so simple, and I'm sorta pissed that I've never thought to use lentils in place of taco meat before. But now I'm making up for all that lost time. Lentils make the best taco meat, y'all! Dried lentils are cooked with chili powder, onion powder, and lots of other spices to create a tasty taco meat. The recipe calls for optional chickpeas, so I used those as well.

The rest of my taco is topped with Galaxy Vegan Mexican Shreds, Follow Your Heart Non-Dairy Sour Cream, tomatoes, and my new friend arugala. Yes, I'm giving arugala a second chance, and I think we've reconciled our differences. Also on the plate is a heapin' helpin' of my Dirty South Rice (the recipe will be in my cookbook, but it's basically a Spanish-influenced dirty rice).

What do you put in your taco? (And yes, I'm aware that sounds dirty).


radioactivegan said...

That is a really good idea! I've never thought of lentils in tacos, either, but now that you've said it - it sounds delicious.

jennifer said...

nice taco! my favorite filling is smashed black beans, gaucamole, and homemade salsa fresca.

there's so much you can do with a taco:

sarah@thesweetlife said...

I make tacos with tvp:'s the perfect texture and the tvp soaks up all the taco-y flavors.

But I will have to try lentils instead. it looks so good and i always prefer the whole food option

Seth Pajak said...

Nice site! We just recently tried lentils in our vegan tacos, works great. Tacos are a staple in our vegan diet. We have a blog at

xvavaveganx said...

Yum, those look so delicious! I'm a simple gal and love black beans in my tacos, quesadillas and whatever other mexican dishes I make. I bet lentils would be so good though! I'll have to give it a try!

Nikki said...

Lentils is such a great idea. I've used them in place of the meat in shepherd's pie, but will now try to mexify them. Yum.

I usually just use boring refried beans in my taco, but I love them so. And lots of avo.

I'm going to Austin this week and keep reading about these vegan breakfast tacos that are so popular right now. Can hardly wait to have a few of those with a giant bloody mary the first morning of my vacation.

MagicKitchen Coupons said...

Tacos heaven right there. Loving every second of it.