Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hot Stuff

On Saturday, a few of my friends and I saw disco diva Donna Summer at an outdoor show at the Memphis Botanic Garden. She may be gettin' on in age, but Donna still has it. Girl had at least four fabulous costume changes, a posse of high-energy dancers, and flashy, animated backgrounds that made the whole stage look it was on fire.

The Botanic Gardens hosts these outdoor shows once a month on their lush, sprawling grounds. My friends and I go to most of the shows, and we always pack a picnic and a bottle of vino. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my Nikon into the show because there was a 30 percent chance of rain, so all I had was my iPhone camera. It takes good shots sometimes, but not when it's getting dark ... as it was in this shot of Nathan's plate:

In the center are my Butter Bean Bruschetta, a recipe going in my cookbook. On the upper left corner of the plate, you can barely see the vegan ranch dip underneath those carrots. That recipe is also going in my book. Greg's tahini-less hummus is in the bottom right. And not pictured is Nathan's creamy avocado dip. We scooped up all those dips with crudite and tortilla chips while we sipped on blush wine.

Just for fun, we took pictures of each other with my Hipstamatic app for the iPhone. This app makes photos look like they were taken in the 1960s, 70s, and early 80s (this may be my favorite app!). Here's hipstamatic Nathan with a mouth full of food:

And hipstamatic Greg, also in the act of chewing (not sure why I took everyone's photo while they were eating):

And here I am with my plate, about to stuff my face as usual:


Rick said...

lol love how the pics come out w/ that app!

Jessica said...

It's awesome that so much of the food packs up nicely for a picnic! Those photos look good, too - a nice app to give a fun reason for the middling quality.

Shear Sensations said...

Donna Summers is the coolest artist...she is one of my favorite and I still have all her long 33" albums from the 70's...hope you had lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Thats a funny app! Those pics reminded me of all the old picture of my family on camping trips when I was about 10.

Jenny said...

oh, fun app - i'll have to check it out

Ricki said...

I'm so jealous that you saw Donna Summer in person! That really brings me back, back, back! Your recipes all sound fabulous, too--can't wait for that cookbook. ;)

Teresa said...

Sounds like so much fun! toot toot, beep beep!
I LOVE your blog!
Donna looks fab!!

josh said...

^^ worth a read. the paper version was a bit easier to read, though.

also, at&t has a fantastic policy: when your data is on their network, they own it. even if you aren't an at&t customer, if your data passes through their network, they copy it and pass it along to "the government", because they view it as their property.