Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Belated 30th Birthday, Sheridan!

It's official. My best friend Sheridan is a real grown-up now. That's what happens when you hit 30 (and I'm only a couple months behind her ... scary!). Technically, Sheridan's been 30 for a week now, but she went out of town with her boyfriend on her actual birthday. So all her friends gathered in Little Rock, Arkansas this weekend for a fancy birthday dinner at Ciao Baci, a sophisticated Italian joint located in a converted old house. Here's Sheridan making her birthday wish on some Strawberry Daquari Cupcakes that I made (more on that in a second):

Ciao Baci served this amazing bread before our food arrived. It's thinly-sliced Italian bread doused in olive oil and black pepper. And I do mean doused. I had to lick the olive oil off my fingers when I was done. It was so, so delicious.

As for entrees, Ciao Baci didn't have any vegan options on the menu aside from a salad or two. But they were more than happy to make me this Vegan Pizza:

The crust was out of this world. It was cracker-thin and hand-tossed. It had an olive oil base with eggplant, mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes. Yum!

After dinner, I broke out the Strawberry Daquari Cupcakes, a recipe I tried from Claire Gosse's Are You Sure That's Vegan? — an lovely little vegan dessert cookbook:

Aren't they adorable? I shot these guys at my house before I left for Little Rock. I really wanted to capture the pinkness of the cake in good lighting. These little guys are made with real strawberry daquari mix and they're topped with coconut-buttercream. You can order Claire's book here.

As for presents, Sheridan got TWO awesome aprons. She actually asked our friend Brittany for an apron, and I also bought her one on a whim. I had no idea she'd asked for one from someone else. But a girl can't have too many aprons, right?

Brittany gave her this Kiss the Cook apron:

And I gave her this vintage number that I purchased at Muddy's Bake Shop in Memphis:

Muddy's — an adorable vegan-friendly bakery (I'll do a full post on this place soon!) — sells aprons that are handcrafted by local folks. A percent of the proceeds from this apron benefits birds in the Gulf.

Does this chick look 30? No way. I think we're aging pretty well. I love you, Sheridan! Happy birthday!


Velovegan said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time celebrating your friend's birthday! Love the look of that pizza, and wouldn't mind getting a few of those cupcakes inside me!! :D The apron's so cute and retro, you have good taste! Also, you look great for your age - I got mistaken for 21 the other day when I'm actually 31!! I think it must be the good diet keeping us young ;) YAY!

urban vegan said...

Aw...nice times! Cute aprons. Fab cuppers.

Sheridan does not look 30.

BTW: Do you ALL have cool names down South? Sheridan. Bianca. I want a cool name.

The Voracious Vegan said...

What a fabulous birthday celebration! I can't wait to be 30. Well, actually, I can't wait to be any age, they all sound just wonderful.

And if I could have food that delicious on my birthday I'd be in heaven. That bread doused in olive oil looks so simple but SO GOOD. And what a killer pizza. They should put it on their menu because it looks wonderful.

And your cupcakes are adorable! I love that pretty color.

Dianne said...

I have that kiss the cook apron! It is too cute, and so are those cupcakes :-)

Jessica said...

Cute aprons! I agree, she does not look 30 - but 30 really isn't that old. Only teenagers think 30 is old. At least that's what I keep telling myself ... I'll be 30 soon, too.

vegiebug said...

those cupcakes look delicious! so light! i love love edible glitter :D

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

What a lovely cuppy cake! I love the aprons too, you're totally right - a girl can't have too many aprons.

The pizza looks so good! They should add it to their regular menu.

Nope. Sheridan does not look 30!

Sheridanna said...

Awwwww....I feel so special! Ha! Love you too best friend! Thanks for all the wonderful birfday goodies! And it makes me feel super great that your bloggy friends don't think I look 30! Hahaha!