Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hippy Dippy

I made this Curried Carrot Dip from the Veganomicon to spread on my Wasa crackers:

It's delightful! And I would never have thought of adding curry to a mix of food-processed cooked carrots. It's also got a little olive oil, sunflower seeds, and garlic. Yum! The carrots are cooked, but when I eat it, I keep thinking I'm eating a raw dish. And it makes me feel all healthy the way raw foods do.

I've been eating two Wasa crackers with the carrot dip every day this week before going to the gym after work. I used to eat Luna Bars and Clif Bars as a pre-workout snack, but then I realized that Clif Bars have like a million calories. They're fine as a meal replacement, like for breakfast. But not as a snack when I'm going to be eating a full dinner a few hours later. Luna Bars have less than 200 calories, so I'll continue to eat them sometimes.

The Wasa Multigrain crackers only have 45 calories per slice, and I'm only using about one tablespoon of dip per cracker. It's enough to fill me up for an intense hour-long workout. Tonight after Fight Club (my boxing class), I'd definitely worked up an appetite. But the dip kept me satisfied through most of the class. There's nothing worse than working out on an empty stomach.

I'll probably be experimenting with other dips and spreads soon ... more to come ...


Anonymous said...

Ah! Yum...I have a big bag of carrots in the fridge crying out for me to do this to them....

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Clif brand Z bars are good too, and I think they have fewer calories than Clif bars.

But your carrot dip looks yummy and healthy, and, as I think I've told you, I love wasas!

Oh, and regarding your comment on my blog-- I was so excited to find out that Auntie Anne's pretzels are vegan. My favorites are the almond, glazin raisin, and cinnamon ones. They'll even spray Pam on the cinnamon ones so that the cinnamon sugar stays on :o).

sandy winz said...

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